Sit Down…Scary Clown

Clowns belong in the circus or the rodeo.  They are intended to distract audiences between circus acts and keep cowboys safe in bull pens.  Clowns should not run for the office of U.S. President.  I attempted to describe Donald Trump a candidate for the Republican nomination as something other than a clown…honestly, I did.  However, I see his behavior as that similar to a clown; behavior lead to distract as well as being dangerous.

ClownTrumpTrump’s recent comments regarding the need for a U.S. policy to stop all Muslims from entering our nation is illogical, racist, and elitist; not to mention it is discrimination against a religious group.

A recent terrorist incident in San Bernardino, California by a Muslim couple who killed 14 people and injured 21 others, stemmed this recent irresponsible response by Trump.  During a campaign event in South Carolina he advised of what he thought should be done without any real thought or plan. I agree there is a need to stop terrorist acts by radical extremist groups and individuals but to target a specific group of people repeats past errors made by the U.S.

The U.S. is built on the backs of an enslaved labor force of Africans and their descendants.  Those immigrating by choice in the late 19th and early 20th century often suffered isolation on Ellis Island.  Native Americans have had land stolen and have been isolated to reservations for generations.  Most related to the comments by Trump are the Japanese interment camps during World War II.  The radical actions of individuals from any particular group in this case Muslims does not mirror the belief of all from that group.

Trump continues to hate speak against immigrants of various backgrounds.  He started early in the campaign with disparaging remarks about Illegal Mexican immigrants as well as those who are here legally.  Then like so many others he spun into overdrive regarding the need to restrict Syrian refugees.

The international community is looking at the U.S. and wondering how is a clown favored as the Republican candidate?  And I am asking the same question of Trump supporters.  Why do you support a man who would be detrimental to international relations?  A man who has not shown that he has a real agenda if elected?  A man who does not understand the inner working of the government.

Just as a clown needs to sit down when the real act is performing so does Trump.  There is no place or need for a brash, big mouthed, blow-heart who spews hate speak in the Presidential race.  Yes, I know this could apply to so many other candidates, such as Ben Carson, who is completely unaware of foreign policy.  I will save opinions for Carson to be discussed in a different blog post.

Back to Trump the bottom line is that it’s time to sideline this clown.  He continues to show from his thoughtless comments that he would not be suitable as the U.S. President.  His opinions reflect poorly on our nation and his past disrespect for the current U.S. President indicate he does not understand nor care about diplomacy.  All I want this Christmas is to read the headline “Trump Drops Out”, now that I would frame.


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