Hate Consumes

nohatebigWhen a U.S. President doesn’t condemn hate they are condoning it.  Riding the fence by trying not to offend any racially motivated hate groups should not be acceptable.  This is also true for those who commit hate acts based on sexual orientation, religion, or gender.  Let me be clear that cultural pride is understandable but hate of another ethnic, gender, religious group is unacceptable.

Racial injustice and division in the United States have existed since the emancipation proclamation with the freedom of enslaved Blacks.  Actually, during reconstruction the recently emancipated Black population thrived.  It was only when it was noticed that those formerly enslaved were being elected and successful did the rise of the white supremacy groups begin.  Because of fear these groups have risen and now it seems have the ear of the President of the United States.

Hate is never the answer.  And hate is born from fear.  Fear is created through lack of knowledge.  In Southern states there is the desire to hold onto the memories from the Civil War.  An act of war which was actually a treasonous act against the United States.  All for the primary purpose of retaining the right to own slave labor by Southern plantations.  The idea of states’ rights is hiding behind the truth.

Ironically the Civil War was a wealthy man’s war.  A war not fought by the plantation owners and their sons but by sharecroppers and overseers and their families.  And even the sons of those enslaved.  Today in the 21st century, if those who are marching and supporting white supremacy, were to educate themselves they would understand this fact.  Their families had no benefit from the Civil War and the heritage that they so desperately want to hold onto.  Upon completion of the war the Confederate Generals understood and accepted their defeat; otherwise they would have been executed due to treason.

I have remained fairly silent regarding various events recently in the news.  This includes incidents with law enforcement using excessive force; and then not going to trial or being found not guilty of a crime.  Today at my church the associate pastor who happens to be White made it clear that it is our Christian duty to speak out against racism, bigotry and injustice as a whole.  And if we don’t then who will and how then are we Christian?  This gave me the courage to write this blog post.

Yesterday, in Charlottesville, VA a woman who happened to be White was killed and 19 others injured when a 20-year-old white nationalist drove into the crowd of anti-hate protestors.  I don’t know if this incident will change the mindset of the 45th U.S. President or his administration seeing that he has members of the alt-right within his cabinet and advisors.  I do hope it will wake up those Americans you have been passive about the hate that is boiling up in this nation.

Finally, I have no desire to stop anyone’s freedom of speech.  But I will not condone freedom to hate or act on hate.  Hate consumes and eats all that is in its path.  When you sit and watch the fire of hate rising and consuming you are just as guilty as those who carry the torch and march.  I believe there are more citizens who believe in compassion, kindness, empathy, love, and respect them intolerance and hate.  Remember that light removes darkness…let your light of hope and justice shine.


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