Poetry, Pictures, & Politics

~~~ September 2nd through 6th contained numerous events surrounding the 2012 Democratic National Convention held in Charlotte, NC. The event had many goals but the primary one was the nomination of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominees. Along the journey each day from pre-convention to closing gavel held excitement […]

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life equals IZMS OF art

~~~ Wednesday, July 11th during intense rainstorms outside was no match for the opening reception for Izms of Art visual art & photography exhibit titled “life equals IZMS OF art”. The exhibit is on display at 701 Whaley Street in Columbia, SC in the “Hallway Communityart Gallery” until July 31st. The exhibit includes an eclectic […]

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‘Nana Puddin’ Love

~~~ Dipped down deep into something so sweet called banana pudding. Crisp vanilla cookie freshly madeby poetic hands. . Custard blended into smooth goodness, glides lusciously on the tongue. Bananas selected just right, not to ripe. . Crack a cookie, spooned up with custard and banana slices in the mix…eats like happiness. Leaving me with […]

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My Love Foundation

~~~ As I indicated in the earlier post ‘To My Parents With Love” my foundation for loving myself and others came from my formative years.  Moreover, my parents not only taught me how to have strong love but they welcomed my hubsand from the beginning with open loving arms.  There are others that helped form […]

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Remember When…

~~~   With the beginning of a new year there is always a little obsessing about diet and weight loss.  In addition, while we are looking to the promise of the future we often glance back at the past.  This photograph taken by Keiana Page titled ‘Remember When’ gives us something on which to ponder. […]

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