Unconditional Love & Kindness

Hello it’s me! Yep I am still around. Let’s start with why I haven’t been writing. Well why I haven’t been writing any blog posts actually. I have been writing in my journal. My husband died unexpectedly in March of 2021. We were married for 28 years upon his death and together for 36 years. When he first died, I was merely surviving. My goal each day last year was too shower daily and change my underwear. Add to it I was unemployed and job hunting. Keeping my sanity was the number one goal.

There is a lot to talk about but today, I want to focus on one thing. And that is unconditional love & kindness of amazing family and friends who’ve surrounded me. I am writing this at the end of my birthday. Last year I went home to be with family and friends because I knew my first birthday without my sweet hubby would be tough. Add to it our wedding anniversary was a month after my birthday. This year I decided to stay home and face the emotions I might feel.

My birthday started with fireworks at 12:06am upon the conclusion of the Columbia Fireflies minor league baseball team. This was after going into extra innings. And after arriving at about 9:30pm sitting in my car facing the direction of where the fireworks could be viewed. Due to a heavy downpour the 6:05pm start time was delayed; I arrived and learned the game was only in the 4th inning! But I adore fireworks as much as I adore chocolate and shoes, so I waited and listened to the game in my car. It was worth it, the fireworks were great.

Prior to going to watch the fireworks a friend had a cookout with some of the best ribs that I’ve tasted since my dad’s over 25 years ago. I have felt so much unconditional love this birthday from far and wide both virtually and in-person. My day concluded with friends at a weekly Tuesday trivia night. The kindness shown to me made me blush a little. Not having my hubby or parents alive hurts, I admit but the unconditional love of family and friends helped fill the void.

I end thinking about the lessons of my mother. She taught me to always be kind to everyone. I believe my kindness has been returned tonight. During recent months I have dealt with some life challenges but I have been uplifted by so many amazing people. My family, friends, and fellow church members have been a support system. I don’t know what the next year around the sun will bring. But I do know if today was any indication it will be filled with unconditional love and kindness.

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