Unconditional Love & Kindness

Hello it’s me! Yep I am still around. Let’s start with why I haven’t been writing. Well why I haven’t been writing any blog posts actually. I have been writing in my journal. My husband died unexpectedly in March of 2021. We were married for 28 years upon his death and together for 36 years.

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Faith, Hope, Love & Family

Growing up some of my best memories involve summer holidays in my mother’s hometown.  She was raised in a small town in the low-country of South Carolina.  There were stretches of farm land filled with crops.  Rows of soybeans, peanuts, strawberries, and corn grew along two-lane highways.  I spent my formative years with my grandparents […]

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I Choose Love

Last Friday, June 10th the memorial service of the late great Muhammad Ali was televised and streamed live.  It was an interfaith service filled with love.  The memorial was planned 10 years ago under the guidance of Ali.  Friends from across many faiths including Muslim, Christian, Mormon, Jewish, Native American just to name a few […]

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Peace Be With You

Originally posted on PaisleyPerspective:
~~~ Early in our marriage, my husband and I decided to continue attending our individual churches.  He is Catholic and I am Baptist, we figure different staircase same heaven.  We alternate taking time to attend each other’s church and after 19 years of marriage, it works for us.  One of the…

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With Humble Hands

~~~ April 15, 2011 at 7:04am marked the last time, I communicated with my mother at least in the earthly realm.  She breathed her last breath sometime that morning.  But this blog post isn’t to reflect on her death; for that you can look at post from April and May of 2011.  Post made on April 15th […]

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Love Is Complicated

~~~ This past Tuesday the day when the world celebrates love Valentines Day for some was happy and others it was lonely.  Life is filled with balance there are people with abundance worldwide as well as those dealing with famine.  There are those that know love from birth to death and then there are those […]

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To My Parents With Love

~~~ From various people in my personal life as well as in books and television, I have heard the comment better to have loved once than not at all.  I agree with this sentiment but what I think should be added is loving well.  In the dictionary love is a noun defined as “an intense […]

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~~~ Him: I’m not that athletic So my heart does not Skip, jump, somersault, Or otherwise cardio Over you.   I’m not that romantic so I do not write poems Send you roses just because Or make Hallmark richer For you.   I’m doing me So when I don’t call Or you don’t see me […]

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My Love Foundation

~~~ As I indicated in the earlier post ‘To My Parents With Love” my foundation for loving myself and others came from my formative years.  Moreover, my parents not only taught me how to have strong love but they welcomed my hubsand from the beginning with open loving arms.  There are others that helped form […]

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