Unconditional Love & Kindness

Hello it’s me! Yep I am still around. Let’s start with why I haven’t been writing. Well why I haven’t been writing any blog posts actually. I have been writing in my journal. My husband died unexpectedly in March of 2021. We were married for 28 years upon his death and together for 36 years.

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Remembering Louise’s Last Days

~~~ My grandmother stood approximately six feet tall prior to aging taking its toll on her body. When I was a child she was a little intimidating and a very no nonsense person. She showed loved in straight-forward ways just like her personality. Her favorite way of showing she cared was through feeding you. My […]

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A Year Later: Remembering My Mom

~~~ Over recent days I have been consumed with getting tasks done associated with my job.  My mind has also been busy on other things associated with writing and activism around this year’s Presidential campaign.  However, I keep coming back to this time last year when my mom transitioned over and became a true angel.  […]

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Fearlessly Moving Forward

~~~ On October 5th while surfing the web on my iPad, I received a notification pop-up that informed me the news of Steve Jobs death.  It simply said, “Steve Jobs died today”. I literally stopped and just stared at the screen for what seemed like eons.  Then I composed myself and went to the Apple […]

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Three Generations

~~~ In the first article you read about the scrafices of my mom to ensure I had food, shelter, clothing, and an education.  In the feature article you will get the idea of the bond that I shared with her.  In addition to my bond with my mom, my own mother had a bond with […]

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The Day My Mom Died

~~~ On April 15, 2011, my life forever changed; this is the day I became an orphan.  It may seem odd to some for me to use the term orphan but it best describes how I feel.  In researching the word, it defines a child (son or daughter) whose parents are decease.  My father died […]

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