Favorite Teachers

Teachers are the mortar of society. A good teacher helps to bind knowledge within us. Excellent teachers allow us to ask “why?” and then allow us to think through to our own conclusion(s). When we veer off the path a good teacher will guide us back and orientate us in the right direction.

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First Days

Tear streaked faces with runny noses along with convulsive crying are a constant on the first day of school for many parents of five year olds.  Parents don’t fear it will be okay, I know you’re nervous.  Oh you thought I was talking about the children…well they too have their moments.  However most often it […]

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Built By Bullies

My first encounter with a bully was when I witnessed a classmate have milk poured on their head.  I was 5 years old and waiting for my mother to pick me up from half day kindergarten.  I recall thinking that the act was mean but the kid who did it was much older, so I […]

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Pressures of Perfection

What doesn’t kill you…makes you not dead. Oh you thought I was going to say what doesn’t kill you…makes you stronger. Well sometimes that is not the case. There are situations that people make it through and wish they were dead. My life has not been perfect but I’ve overcome various obstacles in my path. […]

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Back To School

~~~ My very first day of school, specifically pre-school was well over 4 decades ago.  However, I remember it and each milestone first day from then on.  But the most significant day that sticks with me is my first day of high school.  I remember shopping for the all-important high school wardrobe in South Carolina, […]

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