Democracy Is Delicate

Tomorrow, January 20, 2017 a transition of power will take place in the nation’s capital of Washington, DC.  The 58th Presidential Inauguration will take place when the President-Elect will take the oath of office to become the 45th President of the United States.  It is this peaceful transition of power that has occurred for centuries that identifies the United States as the birthplace of democracy.

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Meeting of U.S. President-Elect Trump with U.S. President Obama

Democracy is how Donald J. Trump a businessman was elected.  In simplest form democracy is when the citizens or group of a nation or organization seek to elect the people who represent them.  However, even within a democracy things can go wrong and the foundation can shift.  It is of my concern that the President-Elect will cause cracks within the foundation of democracy.  Due to lack of any governmental experience by Trump and those of his Senior Staff selections, I am greatly concerned.

Private and public sectors are unique and managed differently for various reasons.  The idea that the soon to be 45th President’s sons can run his businesses and there not be a conflict of interest is ludicrous.  His behavior during the Presidential election cycle and past behavior is deplorable.  And most recently the continuous juvenile tweets sent in response to anyone who disagrees with him are pitiful.  I often wonder if at his advanced age of 70 might there be some mental issue?  However, not releasing his medical records details cannot be known.

On Saturday, I with women from around the state of South Carolina will meet for a Women’s Rally at the State House.  This corresponds with the Women’s March on Washington that will bring women from around the United States to the nation’s capital to in part show their displeasure with Trump.  Upon completion of the rally in South Carolina there will be a summit to discuss how to be active during a Trump Administration.

The four key elements of democracy can survive but only with citizens staying aware.  These elements are 1) political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections, 2) active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life, 3) protection of the human rights of all citizens, and 4) rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens.  If any of these components are threatened then the democratic structure can form cracks.

I am overall an optimist but I am also a realist and I believe the next four years will be rocky for the United States.  However, I do know that I will be active within my local Democratic Party and community ensuring I do all necessary to be sure hard fought freedoms are kept intact.  I must be honest I do not trust that the 45th President will be able to keep the many false promises that he has made on the campaign trail.  I believe time will prove all those who do not have faith in his ability will be proven right.

The division of three main parts of the federal government executive, legislative, and judicial will in part help to possible refrain the overreach of the next President.  But only if the legislative and judicial branches are firm and ethical in their decisions.  Many believed that President Obama over reached with his authority via Executive Orders, however, this was by a man who was a U.S. Constitutional Law professor.  With legal experience and prior legislative experience Obama was able to give insight into the office and understand the impact of laws of society.  We can all agree that the Affordable Care Act had issues that needed adjustment but for it to be fully repealed is not best for U.S. citizens.

Finally, I want end on a positive note listing some of the accomplishments made by the 44th President.  I will miss President Obama because I believe that he cared about the duties of the office of President much more than he cared about self.  Here are some of the many things that were done over the last eight years.  Note that on Friday, January 20th the new twitter handles for the Obamas will be @BarackObama and @MichelleObama; in addition, will contain the information that is now found on the specific to the Obama’s.  Now for the list:

Economic Depression Averted

Longest Streak of Job Growth on Record

11 Million New Jobs Created

20 Million More Americans Insured

Deficit Cut by Over $800 Billion

Exports Up by 28 Percent

Corporate Profits Up by 144 Percent

Stock Market Nearly Tripled

Middle Class Tax Cuts Preserved

American Auto Industry Saved

Wall Street Reform Enacted

Oil & Natural Gas Production at All Time High

Solar & Wind Power at All Time High

Reliance on Foreign Oil at 40 Year Low

Graduation Rates at All Time High

No Child Left Behind Replaced

Pell Grants Doubled

New Federal Student Loan Payment Plan

New Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

New Mortgage Refinance Program

New Patient’s Bill of Rights

Newly Protected Lands & Waters

New Limits on Carbon Pollution

New Arms Control in Russia & Syria

Iranian Nuclear Program Curtailed

U.S. Cuba Diplomacy Restored

Torture Banned

Osama bin Laden Taken Down

U.S. Boots in Iraq & Afghanistan Reduced

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repealed

Education & Job Opportunities for Veterans

Healthcare for 9/11 Heroes

Equal Benefits for Married Gay Couples

Deferred Action for DREAMers

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act

21st Century Cures Act

Veteran Homelessness Down

Abortion Down

Illegal Immigration Down

Violent Crime Down

Net Neutrality Protected


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I Am An Obama Volunteer


In 2007 when the candidates for the Democratic Party began emerging I began my research to determine whom I would support.  Wait let me back up a little even before that time.  I volunteered during the re-election campaign of President Clinton in 1996, while still living in my hometown of Chicago, IL making phone calls.  The phone calls I made to garner and retain support for President Clinton included little known local candidates Rod Blagojevich and Barack Obama.  I chose to make calls for the South Side candidate Obama, mainly because I could pronounce his name.  During the victory celebration at the Hyatt Hotel I shook hands with State Senator elect Barack Obama and hugged his beautiful wife Michelle.

Now back to 2007, there were a lot of people talking about the Senator from Illinois and how dynamic his speech was at the 2004 Democratic National Convention but they were supporting Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.  At this point I was a 10 year resident of the first in South primary state, South Carolina.  I chose to research and determine the platform of each candidate before making my decision and quite simply Obama’s website contained the most detail.  Clinton’s contained the least, so on April 27, 2007 after seeing and hearing then Senator Obama speak at the world famous Jim Clyburn fish fry, I chose to support Obama for President.  In May 2007, I was one of four people to attend one of the first volunteer meetings, which would grow in size needing to meet in the Columbia Convention Center.

Republicans are still sitting a little dazed and confused after President Obama’s re-election this past Tuesday, November 6, 2012.  They didn’t believe in the ground game that individuals like National Field Director Jeremy Bird who I personally worked with and know spoke about to the media.  But I can say yes there was and still are an extensive amount of active supporters of President Obama.  We do not merely support him in words and rhetoric but in action by stepping up and volunteering using basic grassroots tools.  We learned how to win from the President himself, once a Community Organizer.  And some of the best campaign strategy was created in the campaign office located on the corner of Calhoun & Assembly St. in Columbia, SC.  This strategy would be fine-tuned and grow to help lead Obama to victory in 2008 and now in 2012.

Quite simply this re-election campaign was successfully because of a structure formed five years ago and developed way before that time.  Supporters like me who were active not only during the election process but who helped to move the Obama Administration agenda forward made it possible.  We are the backbone of a well-managed organization where the life’s blood is the data that was collected by the work we did.  In addition, the majority of this organization was funded by donations from the 47% that Romney didn’t think would vote for him.  I am proud to have stepped up way back when to volunteer for a little known Barack Obama and I am even more excited to see President Barack Obama re-elected for four more years.


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