Atlanta, GA – Business Trip


The little brown girl inside me wonders

will those around me acknowledge my presence?

Should bellhops be hailing me taxicabs

and I the one tipping the staff?

Yes madams thrown out to me easily,

while I look out the window, to see a rag woman.

She pushes a cart clinging with cans

people looking away as she passes by.


The little brown girl inside me wonders

do I belong among the elite?

Should I be here among marble floors

waiters and waitresses for every need?

Dining on six and seven course meals,

while listening to a violinist play Mozart.

People standing in line waiting to be seated,

while I sit with CEOs and company presidents.


The little brown girl inside me wonders

about the little brown girls of tomorrow.

She sits up tall so that she might shine

for those following the path she tries to pave.

Brushing off dirt left by today’s society

she lifts their chins while lifting their self-esteem.

Letting them know that they too belong

among marble floors sitting with the elite.


by: Joyce Rose-Harris © 2006


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