Best Rock Photos…Put Together By Her


The Author at the Opening Exhibit

Recently, my husband and I attended the opening for the exhibit “Who Shot Rock & Roll: Photographic History 1955 – Present” at the Columbia Museum of Art.  After seeing peaks and hints of some of the photographs in the exhibit, all week I was like a kid going to DisneyWorld.  I am very happy to say that I was not disappointed by the exhibit, if anything it was far GREATER than I ever imagined.

I am also happy to say that the curator of the exhibit is a woman, who took four and half years to put together the most amazing photographs.  As was told to us during a lecture Gail Buckland the curator indicated this is a homage to the photographers who captured the images.  It isn’t merely about the subjects in the images.  However, there is no way you cannot stare in awe at photographs of Pete Townsend during the recording of the soundtrack for Tommy, or Tina Turner and Ike on stage in the early days, then Tina Turner solo, or Madonna before she is Madonna, or LL Cool J or B.I.G, or Tupac or…..well you get the idea.

I am not one to normally gush over a celebrity but in the moments captured “you can feel the soul of the moments” as one person exclaimed.  There are some pictures captured during posed moments but for the most part this are pictures in action and capturing a split second in time.  Over the last forty years colored photography has grown, however, some of the best photography is black and white, capturing the light and the moment perfectly.  For anyone who is near Columbia, SC who understands the soul of rock & roll, I highly recommend you attend this exhibit.



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