From The Editor – Issue 7 Volume 1


In Christianity regardless of denomination, one of the holiest days is Easter Sunday.  Easter and the time leading up to this holy day celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The birth but most of all the death and resurrection are the foundation of the Christian faith.  In addition to the religious association the idea of faith surrounds us each day.  In marriage, we believe in the promise of our spouses being faithful.  Some of the strongest faith is shown through the love of children, who love and believe in their parents even if imperfect.

As I have implied the idea of faith does not only correlate with religious beliefs.  When we wake up we believe the sun will rise, even if the day is cloudy we know the sun is behind the clouds.  We get in our cars and start it up usually with no problem and will be surprised if something affects our morning routine.  Quite simply, faith follows us every day in almost everything we do.  Overtime our faith in people, things or situations can fade but overall we always carry some form of faith with us.

During April ‘PaisleyPerspective’ will focus on the theme of ‘Fatih’,  In a general article written by me, I discuss my journey during a period leading up to, during, and following six months of unemployment.  My faith received a few dings, bumps, and bruises but I have come out of the situation with a better understanding of my faith.  Our feature article by Mallori Scott discusses an ongoing journey of following a dream requiring much faith.  In addition to the articles there is a little poetry to wet your appetite.

After you have read about our journey of faith, we want to hear from you.  Share with  ‘PaisleyPerspective’ about a situation that has tested your faith or made it stronger.  Check out ‘Submission Guidelines’ for contact information.  And as always, we hope that you take something from our sharing opinions & ideas via our PaisleyPerspective.



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