From The Editor – Issue 10 Volume 1


Sometimes we have to shed our own grief and take time to reflect.  Tragedy happens every day in some part of this vast planet we call Earth.  There are people murdered, children abused, elderly who must eat pet food.  There are women abused put into sex slave labor and battles being fought.  Quite simply life is tough and to get through it without any bad thing happening is very unlikely.

However, when tragedy does happen whether man made or via natural disasters we are always reminded that we are fragile as well as part of something bigger than ourselves.  Moreover, when disasters are caused by man we always want to know the reason for the act.  For many years it was known that there is much hate towards the western world as others call the United States but it was most evident when the events of September 11, 2001 (9/11) just before 9:00a.m on a clear day in New York city.

The events of 9/11 changed not only our country but the way the world functioned.  There was a whole new division of national security created called Homeland Security as well as a terrorist alert system.  Security at airports across the world changed and seeing your loved ones off on a commercial airplane was to be no more.

This issue includes remembrances from those who have contributed blogs or poems to PaisleyPerspective in the past.  Through poetry and snapshots remembrances of the day are shared with you.  Let us know what and how the events of ten years ago impacted you.


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