Interview: Musician Kid Static


Musician Kid Static

On October 1st Kid Static released a new music video for the song ‘When My Soul Goes Down’.  After viewing the video I thought it would be interesting to learn a little more about the man behind the name and the music.  PaisleyPerspective is pleased that in between working on his second album and preparing for a Halloween weekend performance in Chicago, Kid Static was able to do a little Q & A.  So here are a few questions and answers as well as the video in honor of this the month of creaks and bumps in the night.

Paisley: Where did your interest in pursuing music as a career originate; did you study music in college?

Kid Static: I actually went to school for Architecture. Music has always been something I did but I didn’t realize you can realistically pursue it as a career until well after college. I wanted to do it because I love it.

Paisley: Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?

Kid Static: I would say I’m more influenced by styles. Recently, I’ve been on a huge blues and bass kick.  I’m really into repeating bass lines and songs that hypnotize you into a head nodding state.

Paisley: You recently announced the upcoming release of your second solo album.  Are you no longer performing with beats maker Yea Big?

Kid Static: Yea Big is family and we will always work together in some capacity. We still perform together but I think the days of constant touring and exposure of that project are on hold.  We’re sticking to one-off shows and festivals for a while.  I’ve always written music on my own and this is just a natural progression of that.

Paisley: How long have you been performing?  Do you get nervous prior to a performance and if so how do you calm your nerves?

Kid Static: Performing has been a part of my life since I was really young. From doing plays in elementary school, to chorus recitals, to eventually touring and performing my own material, I’m pretty comfortable on stage.

Paisley: I have heard your dad is musical.  Would you ever want to perform with him or have him play on a recording?

Kid Static: That has actually never crossed my mind. It’s definitely something to think about though. Keep an eye out, it might happen.

Paisley: Who are your favorite musicians to listen to and whom do you admire most in the music industry?

Kid Static: The answer to this question changes almost daily.  Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of my friends’ music.  Watching someone you started writing with a while ago progress and constantly get better is an awesome thing. I admire those in the industry who have the guts to buck the trends and fight against their creativity being stamped out by record companies. That big money backing you can be a really attractive prospect, but often it comes at the cost of someone who’s priority is sales making creative decisions on your projects. People who keep that urge to be different and do their own thing despite that are my favorites.

Paisley: October 1st your video for the song ‘When My Soul Goes Down’ was released; the video has an edge.  Who developed the video concept?

Kid Static: The concept was mine. The team at Antler who helped shoot and direct worked with me to further flesh it out and work out the shots.

Paisley: What made you move to California?

Kid Static: I knew a lot of artists out here who wanted to work with me. It was a choice between LA and NY. I knew more people in LA.  Also, it’s not completely horrible being away from Chicago winters for a while.

Paisley: What locations around the planet have you performed?

Kid Static: I’ve been playing music seriously since 2006.  In that time I have played over 500 shows in hundreds of different venues worldwide.

Paisley: Do you fear not being successful and if so do you have a specific timeline for getting out of the music business?

Kid Static: Don’t get me wrong, I strive to be the best at what I do, but the word success has a lot of meanings.  Music has shown me the world. I’ve made more friends than I ever would have otherwise. People across the globe have heard songs that I wrote in the confines of my living room. I’ve played festivals in front of thousands of people. I’ve met superstars and had the chance to record in some of the nicest studios in existence. I’ve already found success.  If this is all I get, I’m perfectly happy with that.

Paisley: When will your second solo album be released?

Kid Static: Spring 2012.

Paisley: Where can we find information about performances and tour dates?

Kid Static: On my website ( and Twitter is the most up to date (@kidstatic)

Check out the video that inspired this interview.


2 thoughts on “Interview: Musician Kid Static

  1. You need to have him come by Columbia when he tours the Southeast – nice to see you stepping up you game with this interview. Blessings!

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