Truth be told we all have a characteristic or simply a trait that we want to change.  It may be related to our physical appearance or behavior.  As for me that one thing that I am not proud of is my tendency to procrastinate.  Yes, my name is Joyce and I am a procrastinator.  I know I am not alone, raise your hand if you too wait for the last minute to do things that you planned to do days ago.

Seems like such a simple thing to plan out something and then follow through with completing said task(s).  With this month’s theme centering around ‘truth’ I decided that it was important for me to speak on something that I do or don’t do with honesty.  Today it became clear to me when I realized that I had not posted anything on PaisleyPerspective this past Saturday.

I could use the excuse that my Saturday was filled with many events but that quite simply is a poor excuse.  We all have things that fill our days and nights but we must take time to follow through on our tasks.  It is so easy to say my calendar is jam-packed but I am the person that kept saying yes when asked “will you do…?”.

So whether you are a parent or free to be active in various organizations you must remember not to let things be forgotten such as posting a blog on schedule.  Recently, I was motivated to take time to finish a project I started some time ago.  The best person to control what happens in your world is you.  Yes, I know we can’t control every detail of our lives but we definitely can impact the majority of our world.

Finally, in less than two months we will enter into a new year.  Across the globe the New Year brings with it resolutions to lose weight, become organized, finish a degree, etc.  There is no need to wait until the New Year to make those resolutions you can start today.  Go to the mirror and make a promise to yourself to do better at whatever it is you need to improve and check in every morning when you’re brushing your teeth.   Good luck on becoming a better you.


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