Chicken Noodle Soup, Toast, & 7 Up



Writing on the subject of ‘Peace’ is a little difficult today.  Because I quite honestly am not in a peaceful place.  I am sick by a a fellow co-worker, who knowing they were sick came to work.  I kind of want to slug this person but I have enough common sense to stay home.  Today is Sunday but tomorrow even though it is my work from home day, I may not be working because quite honestly I feel like crap.  When you feel like crap you can’t work.  And if you do work, it might not be up to high enough standards.  So as I type this grumpy, stuffy, and achy, I am not feeling very peaceful.

But being sick helps me remember a similar time when I was in college and at home with my parents.  My dad was working nights and so he was on duty to take care of me.  Hey I am an only child, so what that I was 19 years old, my parents were wonderful in always letting me know I was loved.  Because my stomach was upset my dad knew that orange juice would probably make it worse, so he gave me seven up.  In addition to the seven up I had chicken noodle soup and dry toast.  Now many years later I still eat chicken noodle soup, toast, and drink seven up when I am sick.

In our lives we all have moments that bring us peace when we are dealing with a difficult time.  The combination of food when I am sick makes me remember the love of my parents and how they took care of me.  My husband has been wonderful this weekend in taking care of me.  He even drove for 140 miles round trip in order for me to check on my mom’s childhood home.  We were there for no more than 10 minutes and picked up mail and then came back home.  Life is always filled with unexpected moments such as getting a cold on a Friday and having an awful weekend.  But even in the moments of sickness memories of love can emerge.

I am and will always be a glass half full person it just who I am.  However, I do recommend to all who read this that if you are sick stay home.  I know times are tough but no need in making your co-workers sick.  And to all those who I breathed on prior to realizing that I too was sick I apologize.  And to those who expect better writing from me I ask you to come back next Saturday.


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