1st Year Anniversary for PaisleyPerspective


You may have noticed that I didn’t mention the launch of PaisleyPerspective as a positive in the blog ‘2011 Recaps & 2012 Future Hopes’; however, I believe that mention deserves its own blog post. During the later part of 2010 the idea of PaisleyPerspective a blog dedicated to sharing opinions & ideas was born. The idea behind PaisleyPerspective came from my opinionated self and the desire to write about various topics.

The inaugural post on January 1, 2011 had record totals of reads, later post have not quite reached the inital totals. However, I am will work hard to get more people to the page; those who currently enjoy PaisleyPerspective can pass on the word. The birth of the blog came with the idea to help share other opinions and ideas not merely my own. In the later months of 2011 the voice of the blog post were primarly mine but I always welcome content from others. In the coming days the monthly themes for 2012 will be posted in the ‘About’ page.

As I have stated my ultimate goal of this blog is the sharing of opinions and ideas. Overall my messages lean toward a positive spin of situations or events. In order to keep interest, the coming post I will also write about issues that require direct opinions that may not be as positive. It is never the intent of PaisleyPerspective to be controversial but sometimes certain subject matter itself stirs up emotion and strong opinions. Finally, I am open to hearing from you our readers to know what you want to see more or less of on the site. Sharing of your opinions & ideas will help in making PaisleyPerspective one of the best most read blogs in 2012.


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