During our lifetimes there will be moments of triumph and tragedy. However, whatever comes our way we must keep our head up high and move forward. To all whom have supported me by stopping by to read a few lines and the opinions I share, I thank you. For those who are new to PaisleyPerspective, I have not posted as often as I should but what I do post is filled with thoughtful reflections. With that said I am working on content this month related to many dynamic women who have inspired me. Some I have met and others I have only read about, still all helped me become the woman I am today. So stop by soon or better yet subscribe to receive an email when fresh content is posted. In the meantime read some of my older post and always feel free to leave a comment.

One thought on “Life…

  1. The Georgia O’Keefe portrait you posted is now my wallpaper. Thanks so much for celebrating Womens’ Month.

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