We as humans are responsible for our own existence. If in your right mind and an adult you are obligated to be present in your life. Each day that you awake with your faculties in tack you should seize all opportunity to be great. Choosing to live life without excuses will lead to endless rewards. I have a list of goals that I refer to when making life choices because everything we do has an outcome but it should also have a purpose.

During the later part of 2010 the idea for PaisleyPerspective a blog dedicated to sharing opinions & ideas was born out of my opinionated thoughts. I was serving as the Editor for a political blog “Politics Is Power” founded by Douglas Wilson but I wanted to share other insights not just those focusing on political issues & subjects.  So during unexpected free time due to unemployment because of a reduction in force, I conceived the idea for my own blog. My tagline “sharing opinions & ideas” was decided on so that I could have the freedom to discuss multiple topics.

Recently, I have decided that I was taking a non committal route by not deciding on a focused subject matter for my blog. Early on when someone mentioned the blog “Huffington Post” the thought that usually came to mind was a political blog with some entertainment thrown into the mix. Today if you hear the name “PaisleyPerspective” you don’t have a specific topic that comes to mind. Starting May 1, 2012 there will be a change; the focus of PaisleyPerspective will be arts & social awareness. Being a poet and a political & social activist lead me to this decision.

There will still be much sharing of opinions & ideas but now there will be consistency in posts. In addition I hope to post more regularly. Under arts the topics will be related to all genres such as visual, musical, theater, dance & literature.  Topics under social awareness will primarily include voter education & highlight of current social issues in and not in the news. Finally, I will from time to time post special blogs but overall when you hear PaisleyPerspective think arts & social awareness.


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