Update: 2012 DNC Through A Delegates Eyes


This is day two of the official part of the 2012 Democratic National Convention and I have been proudly participating in the process. Monday began with caucuses including the African American caucus. Monday speakers spoke about moving forward and encouraging our community to vote.

Tuesday included the Women’s Caucus where we heard from Donna Brazile who reminded us we are the backbone of our families. We also heard from actress and activist of human issues Ashley Judd, who stated: “it doesn’t matter where or with whom, rape is rape.” There was also a rally by Planned Parenthood. Women’s rights to there bodies are in jeopardy so we must keep that in mind this election.

Last night during the first day of the DNC with opening gavel at 5:00pm we were also encouraged and inspired. Speakers included a Fire Fighter and former Republican because he has been left behind by the Republican Party. In addition there were Democratic heavyweights like U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, and Joseph P. Kennedy III but above all First Lady Michelle Obama provided an inspiring and straight message to all in attendance and watching on TV or via the internet http:///www.demconvention.com

Even though my feet are tired and I’m lacking some sleep this experience is AMAZING. opportunities like being elected a National Delegate don’t happen every day. Before opening gavel I did take the time to take in the venue evening venturing to the lower level on the actual floor of the convention.

Ceiling of DNC
Over the DNC

This second day has just gotten started but I was graced with hearing the First Lady speak at the last meeting of the African American caucus. And was interviewed for my reaction to her speech. So I would say today has started off pretty well. Check out few photos of the last few days.


On the Floor of the DNC
On the Floor of the DNC
First Lady Michelle Obama


National Delegate and National Staff
National Delegate and National Staff



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