Poetry: We Still Remember


Though tears are shed less frequently

hearts longing is not as painful

we still feel empathy for families

seeking to fill the void of loss;

lives changed long ago on a sunny day

work halted and freedoms shattered

with souls leaping from upper floors;

today we still remember, lighting candles,

reading names of victims who became part

of bent steel reidbar, broken glass bits, and rubble;

memories of dust rising over a metropolis

enveloping it in a blanket of fear, still haunts us.


2 thoughts on “Poetry: We Still Remember

  1. It was indeed a beautiful “Blue Morning.” And it will be a thousand years before we truly understand how hurt we all really are. That hole in the gound of lower Manahttan is a hole in all of us, if we really alliow the barbarity of what happened in too close. Seek the early 20th century painting of George Bellows, portraying the building site of the orignal Penn Station and cry once again as you see that “Blue Morning” almost 100 years earlier

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