My Dr. King Holiday Weekend

Dr. M.L. King Jr.This past Dr. King holiday weekend was mixed with many activities. On Friday, I went to see the movie, Selma. After seeing it my heart was full. Full with the fact that I need to be sure that I am present in my own existence. What that means is that I help bring solutions and not merely complain about issues that I see in my community.

Over the weekend, I attended meetings with the Manning, SC Branch of the NAACP. This included an Executive Board organizing meeting as well as a monthly meeting that highlighted Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement. However, today the actual Dr. King Holiday for celebrating his life and legacy, I did something a little different.

About a month ago, I learned that a friend would be performing poetry at the 2015 TEDxColumbiaSC (x=independently organized TED event). I was ecstatic , I am a self professed TED Talk geek, nerd, semi-fanatic and to put it plainly I just like smart people. When I say smart people I don’t mean people who’ve necessarily amassed multiple degrees. They definitely are included in that number as I am one of them but I mean insightful open minded engaging people.

2015 TEDxColumbiaSCTEDxColumbiaSC was everything, I thought it would be and more. I was engaged with a talk about our rivers and how we should respect them, visit them, and listen to them. I was engaged with a talk of how to cure racism as well as the impact of African American South Carolinians during the Civil Rights Movement. In addition the audience was given food for thought related to the current political processes and we were also encouraged to consider running for elected office. There were videos from TED Talk events and interactive activities to get the audience moving, thinking, and sharing.

However for me the best part was seeing friends from my poetry world encourage and inspire the audience to listen and then be active. I was also inspired by an associate who is a visual artist, to live my passion.

Upon the conclusion of TEDxColumbiaSC, I knew that I was in the right place on Dr. King’s holiday. I was among thinkers and innovators; individuals who shared insights into topics important to me. I did not know what the speakers would speak about before attending but that is part of the idea for TEDx and TED Talks events. These events are meant to open your mind and make you think outside the hexagon. I can definitely say that TEDxColumbiaSC gave me much to ponder. If Dr. King were still living, I am certain he would have enjoyed today’s insightful talks.

Check out the TEDxColumbiaSC website for more information about the 2015 event and to watch the videos of the talks.  You can go to TED Talk website for information about TED.


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