Purple Potatoes

Fingerling Potatoes
Courtesy of potatogoodness.com

We all have at least one thing we regret.  If you don’t have any regrets then you haven’t lived long enough.  Okay young people don’t be offended it’s the truth.  When I was younger, I had no regrets or that is what I thought.

Life and decades pass and we all look back, thinking there is something we could have done differently.  By differently, I mean not at all or better.  People in denial will say, “I learned from my mistakes, so I have no regrets.”  Well I hope you learn from your mistakes, to not learn from mistakes shows immaturity.  But to say you have no regrets seems like a pie in the sky dream.

Today, I attended an informational session at the University of South Carolina, Darla Moore School of Business.  I am interested in applying to the Professional MBA (PMBA) program.  I mentioned earlier, live long enough and you will have at least one regret.  My primary regret is that I did not complete my Masters of Science degree in Statistics way back a long long long time ago.  I stopped because of an irrational fear even after conquering the hardest graduate level statistical courses.

Lunch was included as part of the information session; it was not a simple box lunch.  We were served a hot meal that included a delicious blend of Mediterranean inspired dishes.  One of the unique dishes included a blend of potatoes including purple potatoes.  I was going to pass by the purple potatoes but then decided to go outside of my comfort zone.

A few years ago, I submitted an interest card for the PMBA program.  I have signed up for interest events in the past but for various reasons have been unable to attend.  Today’s event being on the weekend gave me no excuse to not attend.

I don’t know from where I’ll receive funding for the $35,000 program tuition; however, I will apply by faith.  Also, I don’t know if my GRE scores will be sufficient or my undergraduate GPA.  I had a solid B-average in graduate school which I am sure will help me.

Each day, when I feel doubt I try to channel my former 16 year old self.  I was shy but I believed in the ability to accomplish any goal I set for myself.  My teen-age self would have dived into the dish of purple potatoes without hesitation.  Today those purple potatoes became the symbol of conquering my dusty goal of earning a post-undergraduate degree.

What are your own purple potato obstacles and how do you plan to overcome them?


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