A Brother Remembers – USS Cole Attack

This post was originally made on October 12, 2012. It includes a letter from the brother of Seaman, Cheron L. Gunn killed during bombing of the USS Cole. On this the 15th Anniversary, I repost so that we do not forget this terrorist attack.



On October 12, 2000 I like the rest of the world learned about the attack on the USS Cole while docked in Aden, Yemen. 17 naval personnel were killed and 39 injured as result of the bombing that blasted a 40 by 40 ft. hole into the side of the ship.  My heart went out to the families just as it did with any massive tragedy orchestrated by man. I thought it a senseless attack but overtime the attack went to the back of my thoughts. However, there were 17 families whose lives were forever changed by the event a world away.

Cherone L. Gunn
(b. 1978 – d. 2000)

In May 2007, I crossed paths with a man by the name of Anton Gunn while attending the 2007 Black Expo in Columbia, SC. He was the first employee hired in South Carolina as State Political Director for the…

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