My 2015 Year in Review

2015 Year in ReviewEveryone’s year in review is a personal experience.  I am leaving the biggest news stories ‘year in review’ for the media outlets.  My year involved me growing and branching out as a poet.  I didn’t complete all task I set before me regarding an activist memoir but I did well with my poetry.

My year included getting published in the March/April edition of Jasper Magazine; acceptance for publication in the inaugural Watering Hole Anthology; and being published in the Poets on the Comet a transit bus campaign in Columbia, SC.  It was not solely my desire to be published but to grow and stretch my poet wings.  I learned about and read more poets, I don’t have an exact number, however, I read and wrote more poetry on a consistent basis than in the past.

In addition to poetry, politics is my other passion.  I unexpectedly became part of stock footage for media outlets when discussing Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign in South Carolina.  In May of this year, I along with fellow South Carolina Democratic Women’s Council board members, I was on stage with former Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Hearing her message made me decide to support her in the 2016 Presidential race.

This year I wrote more political driven content for Daily Kos as well as PaisleyPerspective.  I was more active in spreading the message about the importance of voting and civic responsibility after voting. However, seeing the legislative process and discussion regarding removal of the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina State House grounds was one of the most significant historical events of this year for me.  The flag removal stemmed from tragedy but that tragedy showed how people regardless of background can come together for a common cause of good.

A natural weather event in October also demonstrated how people of all backgrounds can come together to help each other.  What was called a 1,000 year flood significantly impacted many areas of South Carolina; political leaders as well as residents came together during and after to help each other.  My witness of this resulted in me sending an op-ed that was published in the statewide newspaper The State.

Outside of poetry and politics, I created new bonds with various family and friends.  On a personal level I felt the most healed regarding my mom’s death.  I definitely still miss her presence but my memories are filled with joy; and I strive to honor her legacy well.  I am also blessed with other personal joy and sum up 2015 as a positive year.

Just as last year I ended this year with a writer’s retreat given by The Watering Hole poetry community.  A gathering of poets of color learning and sharing helped to renew and feed my spirit.  The retreat for me is not merely about writing but about community.

There are so many images that I captured this year.  But the top images are those surrounding the Charleston 9 massacre and subsequent Confederate battle flag removal.  There are other images such as me on Pi Day, arriving to the 2015 Watering Hole Writers Retreat.  Also, stepping up my cooking game this year a snapshot of my favorite ingredients.

Finally, I look forward to 2016 and what it has to bring.  I am approaching a milestone birthday and have decided to set just one resolution, which I choose not to share.  Life is complicated and it need not be filled with unreachable goals. My life is good and I know that I am living it to my best; that in itself is a blessing.

PaisleyPerspective wishes you and yours a Happy New Year filled with the best possible you!


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