New Year…Same You

neye1So it’s 16 days into 2016.  How are your new year resolutions going?  You know that one big thing you said you would do this year or the multiple itemed list.  I don’t mean to sound sarcastic but each year most people make pie in the sky resolutions then by now have fallen flat.

In the past I would make resolutions like everyone else.  Lose weight, get organized, save money, etc. but then by the end of January I would be back to old habits.  This year I made one simple resolution and thus far I am doing okay to keep it.

We are the same person at 12:00am January 1st that we were at 11:59pm December 31st.  There is no magic wand that washes us clean of old faults and habits.  The only difference is in the U.S. we have entered into a new tax year.

I say we should bag resolutions and let the idea of them go.  Every day when we awake should be an opportunity to be better than the last.  A new year and new you are such an extreme and illogical ideas.

So I have just given you a pass on your new year resolution…go ahead, tear it up and burn it.  Now each day just work toward being better than the previous day.


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