I wrestled with a more clever title than just “Shoes!”. However for me that one word speaks volumes or in my case dozens upon dozens of pairs. Shoes have always held a special place in my heart, the first pair I remember were blue multi strap Mary Jane’s by Buster Brown when I was a toddler.  However, my real shoe affair began when I was 7 years old swooning over a pair of red Winnie-the-Pooh brand clogs with real wooden bottoms. We lived near the flagship Sears & Roebuck department store and my mother worked in the warehouse packing and shipping orders.  My two favorite departments to visit were the toys and the shoes.

I did not have a lot of shoes when I was a child.  My parents worked hard to provide me with a roof over my head and food in my stomach.  I was fortunate to have a grandmother who loved to shop and provided me with enough school clothes to not repeat outfits for weeks on end.  I had a basic pair of school shoes, church shoes, dress shoes, play shoes and winter boots that had to last until my next growth spurt.

During one of my growth spurts at the age of 10 years old, I had an unexpected shoe experience.  I was part of the traveling choir at my elementary school.  It was a school in a low-income area.  We had to visit a school in a higher-income area but I had one dilemma the morning of the performance my dress shoes did not fit.  I had grown over night! My mother suggested I wear her shoes.  I didn’t think anyone would notice and no one at my school did notice.  The problem occurred when a student at the school we performed pointed and laughed saying “you have on your mama’s shoes.” I was embarrassed and vowed that when I was a grown up I would always have lots and lots of shoes.

My childhood did impact how I felt about shoes but my journey has been ever evolving.  I was raised to understand the importance of a good pair of shoes.  This means made of natural materials and often with leather soles.  During my first years out of college and into the entry-level workforce, I succumbed to the bargain stores with shoes that were lesser quality.  I was soon taken under the wing of my first Shoe Diva, someone who only purchased good quality shoes with a good quality price tag.  She taught me a good pair of shoes is worth saving and waiting to go on sale.

In preparing for this blog post, I asked fellow Shoe Divas what they loved about shoes.  I will share the quotes further down.  Shoes truly hold a special place in my heart.  I enjoy shopping for new outfits but I LOVE shopping for new shoes.  There is something about the feel and smell of a new pair of shoes that make me skip, jump and swoon with happiness.  I can spend hours in multiple shoe stores trying on shoes imagining the outfits I would create.  There is something magical about a good pair of shoes.  The proper pair of shoes give you dignity and make you walk just a little taller and with more self confidence.

Let me share what some of my friends said in response to the question, “tell me why you love shoes?”

Lisa R. said, “Love the way a nice tall heel shows the definition of my thick legs.”

Hayley S. said, “Because it’s who I am, have been and always will be, shoes make me feel stylish.”

Angela J. said, “Shoes make the outfit complete.”

Photo by Sally H.
Photo shared by Sally H. says is all!

Now if you are not a lover of shoes than you won’t get this article.  But replace shoes with whatever it is that you enjoy and you will get it.  Do you like a good designer bag (that is a whole different blog) or maybe golfing is your thing and clubs make you swoon, it doesn’t matter the what we all have something that stretches the confines of our closets.  I will say when that thing you love overtakes your senses and the money for bills that is not good.  I have had to put down shoes I have loved after checking my bank balance and reality smacked me in the face.

Finally, this post is not merely about shoes it is about being happy.  Enjoying life and taking time to spend money on yourself.  Even if it requires putting aside $5 or $10 to build up for a purchase of something that makes you happy.  You are worth and honey like my friend’s plaque says “life is short, buy the d@~n shoes!!”  Happy shoe shopping divas!

Please share in the comments why you love shoes and what are your favorite pairs?



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