Birthday Month Reflections

Hello world. I have not forgotten about my beloved blog. I have been using my voice in a different manner. However, I decided July was the time to share some thoughts.

I’m visiting the Columbia Museum of Art and it always inspires me to write. I may write poetry or prose or just a general blog post like today. I’m sitting in a room that was previously the Orientation Gallery better known as the Secret Garden. I am doing one of my favorite things which is reading and people watching.

Seeing parents and children play in the new interactive space brings many happy memories. I want to tell all the children take these moments and hold them dear because I do of me and my mom. Visiting museums especially art museums was always a special time for us.

My mother was resourceful and we often visited on free days. We would roam for hours among the galleries. Sometimes I would be interested and other times a little bored by the subject. Every time I learned something new.

Exposing children to culture is an important aspect of their growth. We are building blocks of our past. How we are as adults is dictated by the foundation created when we are younger. My foundation involves art, architecture, musical variety, cultural cuisines, and acceptance of others. All of these things helped create what I hope is a kind, compassionate, intelligent intellectual.

Finally, when you feel lost in who you are or need a change, go back to your foundation. Even if it may seem rocky and not strong the core of who we are helps direct us. And don’t worry we do evolve, so your core isn’t what you want it be, it can change. If you’re a parent take time to visit a local museum with an interactive space and learn something new from the young people in your life.

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