Breaking Self-Quarantine?

Let me start with I understand the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus also known as the Corona virus. The origin of the virus is traced back to the Asian continent and has spread around the planet. Now in the United States along with other countries self-quarantine is encouraged along with curfews to help reduce the spread of the disease. The current situation has been defined as a worldwide pandemic. So you may ask why would anyone leave their home?

My reason is simple striving to be a light and share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Due to recent change in employment status I have a lot of free time and the skill set for digital communication. A few weeks ago when it was clear that we would not be able to gather for worship in my church our Pastor met with staff and church leadership to derive a virtual worship plan.

Initially the plan was to live stream our Wednesday worship as a well as our Sunday worship. However for various reason the live stream changed to video recordings. With both a Wednesday and Sunday worship video recorded and posted we discussed doing more recordings to share over time. Some may think is this worth the risk for leaving my house? And I say yes!

Whenever, I follow my heart and do what is right by God, I am blessed for it. The joy that I know I am helping to share with video recordings of worship services as well as story time is extremely fulfilling. I am careful to not go out and about except to purchase groceries and get gasoline but the passion for sharing God’s light is important to me.

I know in time the virus will subside but in the meantime I will be careful. And if need be practicing to video edit if must merge content from the Pastor, Music Minister and Vicar. I pray that over the next few weeks we will be able to leave our homes and freely move about. I wish all good health and know that in time this too shall pass.


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