With Humble Hands

Originally posted on PaisleyPerspective:
~~~ Pound Cake Love April 15, 2011 at 7:04am marked the last time, I communicated with my mother at least in the earthly realm.  She breathed her last breath sometime that morning.  But this blog post isn’t to reflect on her death; for that you can look at post from April and May…

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Peace Be With You

Originally posted on PaisleyPerspective:
~~~ Early in our marriage, my husband and I decided to continue attending our individual churches.  He is Catholic and I am Baptist, we figure different staircase same heaven.  We alternate taking time to attend each other’s church and after 19 years of marriage, it works for us.  One of the…

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2013 Year In Review

Today marks PaisleyPerspective.com 3rd Anniversary with the first post being January 1, 2011.  The first month there were 507 views, December 2013 there were 1,410 views with a total over the three years of 17,103 views.  I personally have gone through some life situations that have resulted in sporadic posting.  I hope to be more […]

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From Whence We Come

~~~ I am the child of a mother who became pregnant at the age of 20. My father a few years older than my mother, on his own free will asked her to marry him. I never thought to ask my now deceased parents if they would have gotten married without the pregnancy.  I grew […]

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Faithfully Yours

~~~ I intended to blog about something completely different, however my spirit lead me to the topic of faith.  This morning like millions of Christians around the planet, I attended church.  Today is the holiest days of Christianity, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in fulfillment of biblical scriptures. After leaving church my husband […]

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Behind Me…Before Me

~~~ Happy New Year! Today is the 2nd Anniversary of PaisleyPerspective: blogging about the arts & social awareness.  PaisleyPerspective started as a blog dedicated to talking about everything under the sun but it was later decided to reign in the topics and focus on two of my passions.  Today I want to take a personal […]

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A Thanksgiving Nightcap

~~~ I was raised as an only child in a two parent household.  Most holidays were spent with aunts and uncles at various family members homes; however my parents regularly cooked a full holiday meal.  Usually my dad would roast cornish hens instead of a turkey on Thanksgiving; there is only so much turkey a […]

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