2013 Year In Review

Today marks PaisleyPerspective.com 3rd Anniversary with the first post being January 1, 2011.  The first month there were 507 views, December 2013 there were 1,410 views with a total over the three years of 17,103 views.  I personally have gone through some life situations that have resulted in sporadic posting.  I hope to be more consistent with content focusing on creative and social aspects fitting under the theme of arts and social awareness.  Thank you to all those individuals worldwide, who have taken the time to stop by and read what I have shared.

2013 Year in ReviewDuring 2013, there were many news making situations that impacted the planet.  Some of my favorite include the election of a new and truly humble Pope.  Pope Francis has demonstrated sincerity and a kind non-judgmental heart with focus on helping the poor and not living on a pedestal.  He is a breath of fresh air for the Roman Catholic Church.  Another worldwide news making event was the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela.  Tata (Father) Madiba was not only special to his native country but to the world.  He was just as much our father and our leader as he was South Africa’s.  Though some seek to look at the negative it is most certainly his revolutionary spirit post imprisonment that endures him to us.  He chose to fight an intelligent fight with forgiveness & reconciliation at the forefront.  You can read a post from June (click here) for more on my feelings about the late Nelson Mandela.

Within the United States a significant news item was the rollout of the Affordable Health Care Act, there was a rocky start but there is an estimate of 1.1 million U.S. citizens having signed up for health care coverage.  This is something that PaisleyPerspective will continue to blog on, so keep an eye out for future blogs.  One of the most significant politically related items was tweeted by The White House on December 18th, “Obama: “For the first time in years, both parties in both houses of Congress have come together to pass a budget.” http://go.wh.gov/naeG4W”.  There are so many more news stories that I could discuss but these four: installation of Pope Francis; death of Nelson Mandela; launch of the Affordable Health Care Act; and U.S. Congress passing a budget, stand out for me.  Now let’s look at what my year was like on a personal highlight reel.

Looking back, 2013 was a pretty good year for me personally.  I didn’t realize all the different things that occurred during the year that I partook in but there were quite a few.  I have tried to do them in a sort of top 10 order but that was difficult so here they are overall in chronological order.  A later post will display in a photo blog the various highlights personal and national that was most important to me in 2013.

Celebrating 100th year of my beloved sorority Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Attending the 57th Presidential Inauguration for President Barack Obama

Attending a White House Policy Briefing and Touring the White House

Attending the 51st National Convention for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Getting a Library of Congress Reader Card and Visiting the Reading Room

Visiting the U.S. Senate Gallery while Senator Harry Reid had the floor.

Attending a Sunday service at the Washington National Cathedral.

Celebrating my 21st Wedding Anniversary

Presenting Key to the City of Columbia to Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA)

Expansion of family with addition of two sister-in-laws and a beautiful niece.

Well now 2013 is behind us.  I believe it is important to look back but not to stay in the past.  Let us not dwell too much on what happened last year but let’s take the lessons learned into 2014.  PaisleyPerspective.com wishes you and yours a Happy & Prosperous New Year!


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