Simple Savings Plan


One of the top three New Year resolutions is to save more money.  Here is a quick and simple way to save well over $1,000 during the year.  You won’t believe how easy it will be just start with $1.00.  Yes, that is correct $1.00 during this the first week of 2017, then next week save an additional $2.00 then the third week add $3.00.  Below is the breakdown and summary of what you will save over a years’ time.

Now get to saving!


Deposit By

Amount Deposited

Total for Year

1 1/6/17 $1.00 $1.00
2 1/13/17 $2.00 $3.00
3 1/20/17 $3.00 $6.00
4 1/27/17 $4.00 $10.00
5 2/3/17 $5.00 $15.00
6 2/10/17 $6.00 $21.00
7 2/17/17 $7.00 $28.00
8 2/24/17 $8.00 $36.00
9 3/3/17 $9.00 $45.00
10 3/10/17 $10.00 $55.00
11 3/17/17 $11.00 $66.00
12 3/24/17 $12.00 $78.00
13 3/31/17 $13.00 $91.00
14 4/7/17 $14.00 $105.00
15 4/14/17 $15.00 $120.00
16 4/21/17 $16.00 $136.00
17 4/28/17 $17.00 $153.00
18 5/5/17 $18.00 $171.00
19 5/12/17 $19.00 $190.00
20 5/19/17 $20.00 $210.00
21 5/26/17 $21.00 $231.00
22 6/2/17 $22.00 $253.00
23 6/9/17 $23.00 $276.00
24 6/16/17 $24.00 $300.00
25 6/23/17 $25.00 $325.00
26 6/30/17 $26.00 $351.00
27 7/7/17 $27.00 $378.00
28 7/14/17 $28.00 $406.00
29 7/21/17 $29.00 $435.00
30 7/28/17 $30.00 $465.00
31 8/4/17 $31.00 $496.00
32 8/11/17 $32.00 $528.00
33 8/18/17 $33.00 $561.00
34 8/25/17 $34.00 $595.00
35 9/1/17 $35.00 $630.00
36 9/8/17 $36.00 $666.00
37 9/15/17 $37.00 $703.00
38 9/22/17 $38.00 $741.00
39 9/29/17 $39.00 $780.00
40 10/6/17 $40.00 $820.00
41 10/13/17 $41.00 $861.00
42 10/20/17 $42.00 $903.00
43 10/27/17 $43.00 $946.00
44 11/3/17 $44.00 $990.00
45 11/10/17 $45.00 $1,035.00
46 11/17/17 $46.00 $1,081.00
47 11/24/17 $47.00 $1,128.00
48 12/1/17 $48.00 $1,176.00
49 12/8/17 $49.00 $1,225.00
50 12/15/17 $50.00 $1,275.00
51 12/22/17 $51.00 $1,326.00
52 12/29/17 $52.00 $1,378.00


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PaisleyPerspective Turns 6!


On January 1, 2017 PaisleyPerspective celebrated 6 years! With a new year comes evaluation of the past and what is to come.  Personally 2016 has been an amazing year for me.  There are many milestones that occurred in the year.  The primary event for me was being invited to the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama.  This definitely stands out as one of the major moments of the year.

However, on a public level there have been many events that have occurred that are not so great.  Multiple celebrity deaths of iconic individuals one being Prince Rogers Nelson my favorite musician.  Conflicts in various regions of the world and the election of Donald Trump at the 45th U.S. President.  The President-Elect has stirred up discontent among other nations even prior to being inaugurated.  I don’t have to go on here with why Trump is not fit, I have written blog posts that outline my reasons for this comment.

In a new year we all want to miraculously become a better person.  We want to lose weight, eat better, be nicer, save more or be more organized.  The reality is we are the same person we were at 11:59pm before the clock struck midnight in a new year.  So the same person I was in 2016 is the same person I am in 2017.  A new year doesn’t dictate whether I become a better person this is something that can happen anytime of the year.

Finally, on the last day of 2016 I attended the funeral of a fellow poet.  His name was Tavis P. Brunson.  It is difficult to speak of him in the past tense but that is what we do when someone has died.  I hesitate to say funeral because it actually was a true celebration of life.  A beautiful gathering in a fairly large church packed with poets from all over South Carolina and North Carolina.  With those present wearing Batman t-shirts, Dallas Cowboy jerseys and caps, or poet inspired gear,  it was a blessing to see that Tavis’s family understood he was a poet specifically one of the best slam poets not only in the United States but internationally.  And that his other passions were incorporated in the celebration.  The continuous theme that was said by nine poets on program and during his eulogy was that he lived his purpose.

With regard to PaisleyPerspective, my primary goal is the same as it always is and that is to live my purpose; and sometimes to share it here.  PaisleyPerspective wishes you an abundantly blessed New Year where you are your best self.


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PaisleyPerspective Turns 5!

5WOW! Five years ago, January 1, 2011 PaisleyPerspective blog was launched.  The idea was formed out the need to do something worthwhile.  I was unemployed and in between seeking a new job or means of income, I decided it was time to start my own blog.  Prior to, I contributed to a political blog.  However, I was ready to be able to write about issues, ideas, and give opinions outside of the political arena.

Originally, I decided that I didn’t want to do a daily blog but create more of a magazine type aesthetic.  Starting out I posted twice a month on the 1st and 16th of the month.  Each posting included approximately three posts, spanning across general articles, photographs, and poetry with a common theme.  I accepted contributions from others to give a voice other than my own.

I felt good in 2011 upon the launch.  I gained employment but was still focused on creating an interesting blog.  Then while working on the April 16th posting, my world changed.  My mother died during that time and I felt my spirit implode.  My postings decreased and when I did post it was to deal with my mom’s death.  Six weeks after her death my maternal grandmother died.

It took some time and struggle to get back the original energy for the blog.  I am still struggling to regain the energy that I had with the original launch, however, I feel that it is coming back.  Reflecting on what I would say about the last five years, I decided that it was time to revisit the original model set for  I have decided that on January 16, 2016 I will go back to the mini-magazine type posts.

It is a new year and is ready to grow into its better self.  New beginnings will start with bringing back some original ideas to bring you thoughtful content. In order for the original vision to be successful it will require your voice in addition to my own.

I am looking for submissions including articles, photography including photos of visual art, poetry, or music videos.  It is my goal to share subjects that tie into arts & social action.  Check the submission guidelines page for ideas on how to submit.  I can’t wait to see what you have to share.

Finally, on this first day of 2016, I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.  May you strive to be your better self.


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A Poet Renewed

Retreat Workshop - Facilitators in Background

The Watering Hole Retreat Workshop Photo Credit: Frank X Walker (c) 2014

When I left for The Watering Hole 2nd Annual Poet’s Retreat held at Santee State Park in South Carolina, I just wanted to simply be a better poet. I didn’t have any other way to say my goal than to be better at my craft in addition to making connections with other poets of color. No specifics, no one area of improvement just a very general goal.

I returned home after five days and four nights baptized. Not in the literal sense but that is how I feel. Cleansed of past doubts and filled with renewed inspiration. I believe that I have validity as a poet and most of all a black female poet. I am not an angry snapping vagina female poet but I am a poet with a vagina who does get angry. I learned that I have my own unique voice and I must be true to that voice within me.

I realized, I can only write from my own experience. I can only write my truth, record what I hear and see as I see it. Most importantly, I must be present in my own existence. No artist of any genre becomes great or better by not practicing their craft on a regular basis. Nor do they become better by not studying any other artist inside their genre as well as artist in other genres. So with that reality, I have set the following as goals going forth. Not merely New Year resolutions but a better me the poet resolutions.

  • Write consistently at least seven hours minimum each week. Whether one hour a day or two hours every other day but log seven hours putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.
  • Study poet ancestors such as Brooks, Baldwin, and Hughes to name a few as well as Keats and Dickerson and others.
  • Study my poet mentors Nikky Finney; Frank X Walker; Kwame Dawes; Patricia Smith; Mariahhadessa Ekere Tallie; Roger Bonair-Agard; Edward Madden; and Charlene Spearen.
  • Study contemporary poets and my peers.
  • Do not focus solely on being published or getting additional letters behind my name but sharing my truth.

This renewed energy comes during the slumber of 2014 and the birth of 2015 but as stated earlier it is not a New Year resolution. It is a poet resolution that I will carry through to many years to come. Finally, I am energized that my unique voice needs to be shared with the universe. I cannot be someone else’s voice.

The late Steve Jobs a poet of invention stated, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

It is so true our time is finite in this space, we must be true to self.  Most importantly we must try to leave the better part of ourselves for future generations.


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2013 Year In Review

Today marks 3rd Anniversary with the first post being January 1, 2011.  The first month there were 507 views, December 2013 there were 1,410 views with a total over the three years of 17,103 views.  I personally have gone through some life situations that have resulted in sporadic posting.  I hope to be more consistent with content focusing on creative and social aspects fitting under the theme of arts and social awareness.  Thank you to all those individuals worldwide, who have taken the time to stop by and read what I have shared.

2013 Year in ReviewDuring 2013, there were many news making situations that impacted the planet.  Some of my favorite include the election of a new and truly humble Pope.  Pope Francis has demonstrated sincerity and a kind non-judgmental heart with focus on helping the poor and not living on a pedestal.  He is a breath of fresh air for the Roman Catholic Church.  Another worldwide news making event was the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela.  Tata (Father) Madiba was not only special to his native country but to the world.  He was just as much our father and our leader as he was South Africa’s.  Though some seek to look at the negative it is most certainly his revolutionary spirit post imprisonment that endures him to us.  He chose to fight an intelligent fight with forgiveness & reconciliation at the forefront.  You can read a post from June (click here) for more on my feelings about the late Nelson Mandela.

Within the United States a significant news item was the rollout of the Affordable Health Care Act, there was a rocky start but there is an estimate of 1.1 million U.S. citizens having signed up for health care coverage.  This is something that PaisleyPerspective will continue to blog on, so keep an eye out for future blogs.  One of the most significant politically related items was tweeted by The White House on December 18th, “Obama: “For the first time in years, both parties in both houses of Congress have come together to pass a budget.””.  There are so many more news stories that I could discuss but these four: installation of Pope Francis; death of Nelson Mandela; launch of the Affordable Health Care Act; and U.S. Congress passing a budget, stand out for me.  Now let’s look at what my year was like on a personal highlight reel.

Looking back, 2013 was a pretty good year for me personally.  I didn’t realize all the different things that occurred during the year that I partook in but there were quite a few.  I have tried to do them in a sort of top 10 order but that was difficult so here they are overall in chronological order.  A later post will display in a photo blog the various highlights personal and national that was most important to me in 2013.

Celebrating 100th year of my beloved sorority Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Attending the 57th Presidential Inauguration for President Barack Obama

Attending a White House Policy Briefing and Touring the White House

Attending the 51st National Convention for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Getting a Library of Congress Reader Card and Visiting the Reading Room

Visiting the U.S. Senate Gallery while Senator Harry Reid had the floor.

Attending a Sunday service at the Washington National Cathedral.

Celebrating my 21st Wedding Anniversary

Presenting Key to the City of Columbia to Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA)

Expansion of family with addition of two sister-in-laws and a beautiful niece.

Well now 2013 is behind us.  I believe it is important to look back but not to stay in the past.  Let us not dwell too much on what happened last year but let’s take the lessons learned into 2014. wishes you and yours a Happy & Prosperous New Year!


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Behind Me…Before Me


Happy New Year! Today is the 2nd Anniversary of PaisleyPerspective: blogging about the arts & social awareness.  PaisleyPerspective started as a blog dedicated to talking about everything under the sun but it was later decided to reign in the topics and focus on two of my passions.  Today I want to take a personal and PaisleyPerspective look back at the year in review, reflecting on what I want to do in 2013.

PaisleyPerspective wishing you a Happy New Year filled with abundant blessings!

PaisleyPerspective wishing you a Happy New Year filled with abundant blessings!

Personally and under PaisleyPerspective I was inspired by the creativity of friends and organizations who developed film festivals (Reel Black Pix Film Fest) and did live interviews of members from the creative community (Freshniz Events).  But the best event that I covered was in June surrounding the protest of Gov. Nikki Haley’s veto of funds for the SC Arts Commission.  With the swipe of a pen she shut down an office including funding for maintaining the state’s arts collections.  With great enthusiasm the arts community gathered on the State House grounds in Columbia, SC and showed why they were relevant through singing, dancing, instrumental performances, mini poetry workshops, painting demonstrations, and other activities even in the rain.

On the social awareness side, I was active in the process of becoming a National Delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention held in Charlotte, NC.  The process began in January and involved participation in conventions on a county and state level.   Winning a seat to represent Democrats from the state of South Carolina was an honor and showed what determination and a good campaign with dedicated family & friends can do.  In direct correlation with becoming a delegate was campaigning for President Obama and endorsing him as the best candidate.  Throughout the year I wrote a few pieces to encourage activity in the political process including voting and volunteering.

Me, my husband and good friends brought 2012 in partying to the legendary band Parliament Funkadelic lead by George Clinton at the Famously Hot New Years Eve celebrations in Columbia, SC.  I was happy to leave behind 2011, a year that was filled with grief over the death of my mother and grandmother.  I struggled with staying focused on PaisleyPerspective but eventually came back to provide my insight and opinions on a regular basis.

Now we are in a new year.  When the clock strikes midnight, we are the same person that we are at 11:59pm in the prior year.  However, in addition to a new tax year we enter a new year of possibilities.  There are resolutions made that are often quickly forgotten.  As for me I choose to make only one resolution for 2013; I will work to continue being the change I wish to see in the world.  I do have character traits and habits that I can improve, however, I work each day to be better than the last day.  One of the many lessons I carry from my mom is to always seek to do your best and when you fall short, keep at it.  So in 2013 I will keep striving at being a better me and working to make PaisleyPerspective a better blog.


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