PaisleyPerspective Turns 7!

7 years ago today, PaisleyPerspective was launched.  It has since gone through various iterations and just last year a web design change.  The purpose has always been to share insights and ideas that I have on life matters as well as things important to me.  I have wavered in being consistent with my posts but each day is a new day.

Today being the first day of the new year most of the world is setting resolutions.  I have stopped doing this a few years ago.  My record of keeping resolutions past February is not good.  For me each day I strive to be better than the prior day.  So today is a new day with new potential not merely a new year to me.

I posted my intent for PaisleyPerspective over the coming months earlier in December.  I will reiterate that I want to provide musing of my optimistic mind.  Come along each week on the journey with me by reading and commenting on posts.  You can find new content each Tuesday. Thank you to those who have been following since that very first post.  Also feel free to submit content for consideration to

Wishing a new year where you seek to be better than the previous day…each day.


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