PaisleyPerspective Turns 6!


On January 1, 2017 PaisleyPerspective celebrated 6 years! With a new year comes evaluation of the past and what is to come.  Personally 2016 has been an amazing year for me.  There are many milestones that occurred in the year.  The primary event for me was being invited to the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama.  This definitely stands out as one of the major moments of the year.

However, on a public level there have been many events that have occurred that are not so great.  Multiple celebrity deaths of iconic individuals one being Prince Rogers Nelson my favorite musician.  Conflicts in various regions of the world and the election of Donald Trump at the 45th U.S. President.  The President-Elect has stirred up discontent among other nations even prior to being inaugurated.  I don’t have to go on here with why Trump is not fit, I have written blog posts that outline my reasons for this comment.

In a new year we all want to miraculously become a better person.  We want to lose weight, eat better, be nicer, save more or be more organized.  The reality is we are the same person we were at 11:59pm before the clock struck midnight in a new year.  So the same person I was in 2016 is the same person I am in 2017.  A new year doesn’t dictate whether I become a better person this is something that can happen anytime of the year.

Finally, on the last day of 2016 I attended the funeral of a fellow poet.  His name was Tavis P. Brunson.  It is difficult to speak of him in the past tense but that is what we do when someone has died.  I hesitate to say funeral because it actually was a true celebration of life.  A beautiful gathering in a fairly large church packed with poets from all over South Carolina and North Carolina.  With those present wearing Batman t-shirts, Dallas Cowboy jerseys and caps, or poet inspired gear,  it was a blessing to see that Tavis’s family understood he was a poet specifically one of the best slam poets not only in the United States but internationally.  And that his other passions were incorporated in the celebration.  The continuous theme that was said by nine poets on program and during his eulogy was that he lived his purpose.

With regard to PaisleyPerspective, my primary goal is the same as it always is and that is to live my purpose; and sometimes to share it here.  PaisleyPerspective wishes you an abundantly blessed New Year where you are your best self.


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PaisleyPerspective Turns 4Today is the 4th Anniversary for, which was launched 1/1/11 at 1:11am.  There have been a number of life events that have been documented over the years within the blog. During the recent past months, events around the lack of indictments for law enforcement officers responsible for the deaths of Michael Brown Jr. in Ferguson, MO and Eric Gardner in Staten Island, NY reportedly due to excessive force have been forefront in the news.  However, there are instances of human injustice around the planet that involve other groups including children, women, and the LGBT community that too should be made known.  Freshly back from The Watering Hole 2nd Annual Poet’s Retreat (read more here) I am continually encouraged to give human injustice a voice on this blog.

I am a believer in the power of the U.S. political process, the record low voter turnout in U.S. 2014 Elections was disappointing.  There are many U.S. citizens who do not believe voting makes a difference but the power of the numbers have been proven.  Look back to 2008 and 2012 the election of the first African American U.S. President, Barack H. Obama proved the power of minority communities including women. In addition to the political process, I believe overall activism of citizens can bring about positive and lasting change.

It is important for each person to be present in their own existence.  We all know the quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  Ultimately what it means to me is to not wait for others to make your immediate and the world as a whole better but to step up and out to make a difference.

Finally, I want to thank you whether this is your first time or hundredth time stopping by  My goal during this the 4th year of PaisleyPerspective is to continue to share my heart and passions with you and keep you coming back for more.  Starting in 2015, video commentary and interviews will be incorporated in print blog posts.  And if you have blogs, commentary, poetry or photography to share check out the Submissions Guidelines.


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Behind Me…Before Me


Happy New Year! Today is the 2nd Anniversary of PaisleyPerspective: blogging about the arts & social awareness.  PaisleyPerspective started as a blog dedicated to talking about everything under the sun but it was later decided to reign in the topics and focus on two of my passions.  Today I want to take a personal and PaisleyPerspective look back at the year in review, reflecting on what I want to do in 2013.

PaisleyPerspective wishing you a Happy New Year filled with abundant blessings!

PaisleyPerspective wishing you a Happy New Year filled with abundant blessings!

Personally and under PaisleyPerspective I was inspired by the creativity of friends and organizations who developed film festivals (Reel Black Pix Film Fest) and did live interviews of members from the creative community (Freshniz Events).  But the best event that I covered was in June surrounding the protest of Gov. Nikki Haley’s veto of funds for the SC Arts Commission.  With the swipe of a pen she shut down an office including funding for maintaining the state’s arts collections.  With great enthusiasm the arts community gathered on the State House grounds in Columbia, SC and showed why they were relevant through singing, dancing, instrumental performances, mini poetry workshops, painting demonstrations, and other activities even in the rain.

On the social awareness side, I was active in the process of becoming a National Delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention held in Charlotte, NC.  The process began in January and involved participation in conventions on a county and state level.   Winning a seat to represent Democrats from the state of South Carolina was an honor and showed what determination and a good campaign with dedicated family & friends can do.  In direct correlation with becoming a delegate was campaigning for President Obama and endorsing him as the best candidate.  Throughout the year I wrote a few pieces to encourage activity in the political process including voting and volunteering.

Me, my husband and good friends brought 2012 in partying to the legendary band Parliament Funkadelic lead by George Clinton at the Famously Hot New Years Eve celebrations in Columbia, SC.  I was happy to leave behind 2011, a year that was filled with grief over the death of my mother and grandmother.  I struggled with staying focused on PaisleyPerspective but eventually came back to provide my insight and opinions on a regular basis.

Now we are in a new year.  When the clock strikes midnight, we are the same person that we are at 11:59pm in the prior year.  However, in addition to a new tax year we enter a new year of possibilities.  There are resolutions made that are often quickly forgotten.  As for me I choose to make only one resolution for 2013; I will work to continue being the change I wish to see in the world.  I do have character traits and habits that I can improve, however, I work each day to be better than the last day.  One of the many lessons I carry from my mom is to always seek to do your best and when you fall short, keep at it.  So in 2013 I will keep striving at being a better me and working to make PaisleyPerspective a better blog.


From The Editor – Issue 3 Volume 1


February is a month that is associated with a number of observances.  There is the remembrance of Black history past and present; remembering U.S. Presidents; and of course celebrating love.  Because I believe the greatest emotion is love, is the reason I have selected it as the theme for this month.  ‘Love’ can lift us out of deep despair and help us do extraordinary things.

There are different forms of love, we have love of family, of friends, Greek letter love, and physical love, but for all these to be possible we must have self love.  If we don’t love ourselves first than we can’t openly receive love or give it to others.  However, the foundation of self love comes from our childhood including what we witness as we become adults.  This issue contains two poems and blogs that focus on love between man and woman as well as love within a family, enough to keep a secret.  Also, if you have followed PaisleyPerspective since January 1, you will notice a slight difference in the layout.  This issue we making our feature post near the end, so keep reading and let us know what you think.

Along with love my foundation comes from the history of my ancestors.  I am very proud of my Black History and the inventions, intellectuals, civil rights workers, and the current progressive individuals in all shades from the lightest cream to the deepest mahogany shades.  President Obama is a current important contributor to American history but moreover Black history.  My cultural love will be revealed in the February 16 issue so make a note on your calendar.  Contributions are being accepted for the next issue with a focus around cultural love.  See the Submission Guidelines page for specific details.


From The Editor – Issue 2 Volume 1


Over the past week of this post there have been some unexpected incidents across the United States. There was a tragic shooting involving a member of Congress, her staff, supporters, and bystanders. There was a significant accumulation of snow across the nation, resulting in snow in 49 of 50 states. Yes there is even snow in the mountains of Hawaii, only Florida was not layered with snowflakes.

Unexpectedly many farmers like the snowfall because it sets up a blanket of moisture for future vegetation. As the snow melts it trickles down into the ground feeding dormant plants and seeds. In the South, snow is an unknown but even in the North there was too much snow. However, now in many Southern states the snow is melting away and up North it has been snowplowed off most major and secondary roads. Just like the snow helps bring future renewal so does writing and sharing our thoughts.

This issue continues the January theme of ‘Renewal’ in it you will find another healing blog by Mallori A. Scott. Oftentimes we bottle up negative past experiences that we really should examine. We are either afraid of peeling off the scab of old scars or don’t want to offend anyone. Mallori carefully peels away the scabs to finally allow air to heal her wound. Following Mallori’s blog is a a poem that looks at changing and being reborn. In addition, there is a blog about staying in for the Winter by Michelle J. Agnew. Just as bears hibernate for the Winter she does too, not only because of cold Chicago winds but to renew. And I provide a recipe for a dish that I made while treasure hunting in my kitchen cabinets.

There another poem that describes the effect of an unexpected snowy day in South Carolina by poet Jerlean S. Noble. Finally, I have included some photographs of the unexpected snowfall that blanketed South Carolina, which is still holding on under shady spots around the state. After reading this issue be sure to share your opinion & ideas via the comments section of the applicable postings.

Peace & Blessings


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