“Kidney By Christmas” to Support Transplant for Mayor Julia Nelson


Mayor Julia Nelson

Contributed by: Leshia Lutsey, CEO of Creative Concepts, LLC

Manning, S.C. – “Kidney By Christmas”, a statewide outreach campaign, has kicked off in order to support Mayor Julia Nelson of Manning, S.C. After suffering for many years with polycystic kidney disease (PKD), Mayor Nelson learned in late November that her condition had worsened and is now deemed as fragile. Due to the serious nature of her diagnosis, she is in immediate need of a kidney transplant. In addition, due to the genetic nature of the illness, none of Nelson’s siblings are viable candidates for a kidney donation.

Julia Nelson has devoted her life to helping others across the state of South Carolina and now there is an open call to the community at-large to step up and help Julia, someone who is very deserving. Community members can “pay it forward” and help support the campaign in various ways:

1. Become a kidney donation candidate – this will involve volunteering to be evaluated by a physician, at no expense to the candidate, and if the individual is found to be a healthy donor (without high blood pressure or diabetes and between the ages of 18 and 62) then the donation process can begin

2. Make a monetary donation to the Nelson Transplant Fund at any local NBSC bank or donations can be sent to the following:
Nelson Transplant Fund
111 West Boyce Street
Manning, SC 29102

3. In-kind donations from the business community – these donations may include sponsors/ planners for fundraising initiatives; printing services; advertising; venues for fundraising events; etc.

Time is of the essence and the primary goal of the campaign is to get a selfless, kind-hearted individual to donate a “Kidney by Christmas”. As this process is underway, financial donations are needed as well to help with personal and medical expenses related to the kidney transplant for Julia Nelson.

During this season of giving, please find it in your heart today to help with this worthy cause and share this information with others. As a caring community, let’s come together this holiday season to help Julia Nelson, a devoted mom and a dedicated servant leader, in her time of need just as she has helped so many others who needed help.

For more information send an email to kidneybychristmas@aol.com.


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