“Kidney By Christmas” to Support Transplant for Mayor Julia Nelson

~~~ Contributed by: Leshia Lutsey, CEO of Creative Concepts, LLC Manning, S.C. – “Kidney By Christmas”, a statewide outreach campaign, has kicked off in order to support Mayor Julia Nelson of Manning, S.C. After suffering for many years with polycystic kidney disease (PKD), Mayor Nelson learned in late November that her condition had worsened and […]

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~~~ Sometimes, my mom would to sit me down Next to a stack of ironing She would go over language lessons while Pressing out imperfections and wrinkles This was my pre-school education Her gift of time A luxury she never had as a child She was the eldest of many So bright – so young […]

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~~~ Aspire to be the best In all you do   Shun mediocrity That’s not for you   Keep faith in God You’ll pass every test   Abide in him For there is rest   Success is yours It’s so near   You can overcome impossibilities, so never fear   by: Billye Hardy © 2009 ~~~

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