Op-Ed: Electing New Chicago Leadership

From a distance, one can only read as events unfold in Chicago. Revolution is a good thing only when viewed in its entirety. Don’t get so caught up in toppling false gods and the witch hunt that you lose sight of what truly matters: What comes next?

If you look at Arab Spring, Egypt, and Northern Africa in general you’ll see the folly of not having Plans B-Z. The same wealthy and corrupt entities that are toppled today have equally corrupt and self-absorbed replacements waiting in the wings. Why? Because there are good things in Chicago, about Chicago, and to be had FROM Chicago. This is why the crooks were there taking all they could in the name of ‘government’ in the first place. Don’t think for one second that they won’t be replaced by the same manner of greed and corruption backed by a pack of sycophants from the religious arena who have their own agendas.

Read, look at voting records, examine personal histories, and research who you want your next city leader to be, what manner of values you want them to have, and how well that person can hold his/her ground in the face of opposition, bullying, and cronyism because Chicago politics thrives on the fix and the connection.

Learn something. Help yourself.  Rahm, Anita…they are halfway out the door. End the cheers a little earlier and get to work on what’s next. The late Mayor Harold Washington wasn’t around for long, nor was he a ‘political insider’. He was, however, just enough to shake up the status quo, so think short term AND long term replacements for the key positions. Don’t re-elect those who didn’t show up, voted against common sense and safety, and those who didn’t vote or voice concerns.

Religion and politics are tricky in America, especially in the black community. Personally I would leave the religious leaders out of my voting decision and focus strictly on job skills and conflict resolution when it comes to replacing The Three Stooges. Religious leaders have a lot to say now and are in every photo op this week. Where were those religious leaders’ political connections and how well did religious leaders use them when you all were messaging in fear and anger because they were shooting on your block as you drove home after work? I’m looking at all of the religious types posing in the 8 years that Chicago has tanked to rock bottom and not one of those charlatans effectively used a political connection to effect a single change. It’s just a walking/talking /breathing form of Facebook at it’s worst for religious leaders in Chicago in that they are collecting ‘friends’ who are people they don’t truly know and who don’t know them, where neither truly cares or acts on behalf of the other’s interests. Why? Because they are not REAL friends and they are NOT part of a shared community.

I don’t need voting advice from a religious leader with 5,000 ‘friends’ but not a single political friend who would help fight his corner.

Get your priorities straight. Meme the verified facts on replacement candidates with the fervor you previously used for police brutality. Get your facts straight, unlike that Lacoste is a black man malarkey. Not Wikipedia but major newspapers, Who’s Who in America, the candidate’s university, professional organizations, any forum with factual publicly available information, NOT info from the spin and NOT info from questionable news outlets.

Be adult. Be professional. This is about the credibility and value of the city you live in, where your company is located so you don’t have to drive to a neighboring state to go to work when the company has enough and leaves the state. This is about where you own a home, where the home value is proportionate to the crime rate, as is the cost of your car and auto insurance. It is about the safety and credibility of the Chicago where your kids and grandkids are educated, where the quality of educators is influenced by the safety and desirability of the city as a home to educators.

This city and these elections are your life. Literally. Stop fucking around and get busy with what matters going forward. I’m researching who’s next and I’m voting from way over here as I always do because I love you and you’re way over there so I need to know that your life is in good hands.

The witches have been hunted. Get busy with what comes next.

Contributed by: Jocelyn Milhous


About the Contributor: Jocelyn Milhous has a wealth of successful administrative and development experience and a dynamic network of contacts in the music, art, and film worlds.

As Exhibitions Manager at the Art Institute of Chicago, she worked with such artists and estates as Anselm Kiefer, Georgia O’Keefe, Helmut Jahn, and the Courtauld Collection, and with arts patrons such as Shell North America, Calvin Klein, Grace Jones and Donald Trump.

In Canada, Jocelyn practiced stage costume design with MuchMusic and provided independent design services to Allanah Myles, Cowboy Junkies, Look People and other popular Canadian bands. She also served as creative sound engineer for CTV, where she worked on many dramas, countless commercials, and the breakout hit Beetlejuice animated cartoon series.

She has since also enjoyed key roles and directorships in outreach, development and fund-raising with the San Francisco and San Diego Operas in her native California, as well as with the Houston Grand Opera, and Chicago’s Lyric Opera. She most recently served as Senior Development Director with the Royal Opera, London. Her recent film and television credits include Naked in London, Eating Dust, and Charles Dance’s Inn at the Edge of the World.

Jocelyn works on a consultancy basis with a number of US, UK and Icelandic-based film production companies, including Virtual Content, Jinx Films, LeftFeetDancing and Kisi Films. Most recently she is Co-President and Director of Development at 1LnoE Films. Jocelyn holds a BA degree in Political Science and Drama from UCLA, Berkeley, and a BS in Music Management and Sound Engineering from the Harris School of the Arts, Toronto.


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