Remembering 9/11/01 – Mind Blowing


Did you hear?

A plane just hit a building.


Where? NYC.


Umm, How’d that happen?


The plane was obviously flying way to low.



Hey. You guys here?

A plane just flew into a building!


Yea. We heard a few minutes ago.

NO! This just happened!

WHAT!? another plane hit a building?


Huh? I’m confused?

Me too?


Does anyone have a desk radio?


Ok Shush everyone!



Lord have mercy


A possible terrorist attack?!


Written by: Billye R Hardy

About The Author: I have been writing poetry, songwriting and short stories since the 1990′s.  I have been a member of ASCAP since 1999. I’ve enjoyed having some of my music and poems performed by local Chicago Artist. My goal is to begin writing music on a larger scale as well as completing a few writing projects. I desire to become a published author within the near future.

Currently working on a screenplay and collection of poems and short stories.


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