Remembering 9/11/01 – First Thoughts


My first thoughts will probably anger some people:

1. First thought , how tragic & sad for the family members left behind
2. How could Muslims be so savage and delusional
3. What has the world done to create a world that seems so hopeless that
people would do this
4. Then what about Christians killing 6 million Jews or dropping an atomic
bomb on civilian targets in Japan
5. The Kings of Ghana selling 15 million fellow Africans to Europeans for slavery
6. The genocide of 98% of the Native Americans by primarily Europeans, etc…
7. Then what can I do to stop the madness and empower a sense of hope
8. Lastly, I do not think of memorials and observances are the answer,
because often they entail an element of hate for the other side and we have
too much of that already.

I wish I could write something beautiful and uplifting, but this
rightness and wrongness about the two sides fills me with a mixture of
anger, depression, self-loathing and self-doubt.

Peace & Blessings

Written by: Al Black

About The Author: A.E. Black is a poet, writer, and strong supporter of the arts.  He hails from Indiana and now lives in South Carolina with his beloved wife.  Al Bee as he’s known to most is the creator and host of “Mind Gravy Poetry Venue: Poems sliced thin drenched in gravy of dreams forgot.”  Al features a poet and musical artist as well as an open mic session; interested artist can email him at


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