Remembering 9/11/01 – Testimony


Wow, I remember 9/11.  I was at the hospital with my mom (now deceased).  They were prepping her for surgery and I walked out to the lobby to watch TV.  I was looking when the first plane hit Tower 1.  The ironic thing is my son was on the way from NY,  all phone lines were down,  you couldn’t get through.  But even sadder was one of our friends,  Ms. Victoria Lockhart (an Evangelist, writer and singer) was on the 63rd floor of the 1st Tower.   She walked out without a scratch.  I’d sent her a poem the Friday before 9/11.  A portion of the poem read:” I have heard your prayers,  I have seen your tears,   I have read the message on the walls of your heart. You will live, you shall not die, because death can’t praise me from the grave.”

Here is the song she wrote about September 11, 2011 ; it’s titled ‘Testimony!’ Check it out!

Submitted by: Jerlean S. Noble

About The Author: Jerlean S. Noble is the Founder and President of the Columbia Writers Alliance.  She is a Christian, a novelist, a poet, and a realist.  She believes that writing is healing.  Jerlean is also a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.  She writes from her passions of love, pain, and triumph.  Jerlean believes in giving back and in being a doer as well as a sayer.


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