Thoughts: Seeing Selma The Movie

I saw Selma last Friday evening. Immediately after work, solo. I was surrounded by some who looked like me, and some who didn’t. We all watched silently, with reverence and respect. But no one really looked at each other. Maybe in different ways, and for different reasons, it just hurt too much to acknowledge our […]

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Still Striving To Overcome

~~~ Today commemorates the 50th Anniversary of what is now called ‘March on Washington’. In 1963 the event was advertised as ‘March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom’. It was organized by a collaboration of leaders across various social and civic activist organizations. The march was decades in the making, even before the Montgomery Bus […]

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Your Vote is Your Voice

~~~ The below content was written as a Facebook post but then I began to think that it would be good to post it as a blog. In between not feeling well there has been something gnawing at my spirit.  There is a young person (I will not note gender) who I believe is not […]

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