Your Vote is Your Voice


The below content was written as a Facebook post but then I began to think that it would be good to post it as a blog.

In between not feeling well there has been something gnawing at my spirit.  There is a young person (I will not note gender) who I believe is not registered to vote nor desires to engage in the election process.  I respect their choice to not be part of the process but I do not agree with the decision.  So this is in most part going out to them.

From Women’s Suffrage Movement…Not So Long Ago (Public Domain)

I want to encourage them to register to vote by 12 noon on October 6th and consider voting during this election cycle.  Everyone knows that I support President Obama but some may not know specifics.  So here is one of the primary reasons, his active support of Women’s Rights.  From the first law he signed ‘Lilly Ledbetter Act for Fair Pay’ to his support of my right to choose what I do with my body, I know that he values me as a woman.  There are other reasons such as the inclusiveness of his campaign where people of all races, creeds, genders, ages and gender-orientation are respected and valued.

After Signing Voting Rights Act 1965 (Public Domain)

I could go on and on of why I support President Obama but the main thing is supporting a process for which other countries citizens fight and die.  One of the biggest issues in the next century will be truly setting women free to be who they wish to be.  Anyone who supports a woman’s right should cast a vote.  I have voter registration forms in my car the first step is to register…then we can work on casting the vote.  Finally, I do not expect everyone to agree with what I support but I believe it is important to be present in the process.  To anyone who wishes to register let me know and I will walk you through the process.  I truly believe your vote is your voice, don’t be silent.


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