A Poem: Calling

He called my name, my full given name pronounced each syllable that my mother spoke the day I was born.   He called my name, like he knew my gait how each foot landed when I walked to Sunday School in too tight patent leather shoes.   He called my name, as though he were […]

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An Interview: Tainted Love

When couples marry, they don’t envision divorce.  They especially don’t anticipate divorce due to domestic violence.  Most people who get married do so on a positive note.  Statistics complied by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention1 indicate in 2014 a ratio 46.4% divorces to marriages.  This means for every 100 marriages 47 will end […]

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Left For Dead

~~~ This is not exactly a feel-good story. A little over five years ago in 2005, on my 39th birthday, my boyfriend John, was brutally murdered by my ex-boyfriend in my own home. The reason why I’m able to tell you any of this?  My ex-boyfriend thought he had murdered me too. He definitely ended […]

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