Clinton Shatters Glass Ceiling

The 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution passed in the Senate on June 4, 1919, this was 97 years ago.  The amendment reads “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.  Congress shall have power […]

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Watching A Bill Become A Law

This week the theme song from Schoolhouse Rock animated special “I’m Just A Bill” which explained the legislative process has been on continuous loop in my head.  On Monday, July 6th debate on a controversial and historic South Carolina Senate Bill began.  Bill S. 897 introduced by Senator Vincent Sheheen was for removal of the Confederate […]

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Oh Stop Whining

I hate whiners. Okay maybe hate is too strong a word. There definitely are things that I do hate. I hate when children are mistreated and abused. I could say I hate child abusers but what if they themselves were abused? They are part of a hideous cycle but make note I don’t excuse what […]

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Still Striving To Overcome

~~~ Today commemorates the 50th Anniversary of what is now called ‘March on Washington’. In 1963 the event was advertised as ‘March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom’. It was organized by a collaboration of leaders across various social and civic activist organizations. The march was decades in the making, even before the Montgomery Bus […]

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I Am From Proud People

~~~ This past Wednesday began the month of February.  In America February is a month to celebrate African American history and culture as well as and as celebrating love during St. Valentine’s Day.  Ironically St. Valentine’s Day is named after a Christian martyr in addition February 14, 1929 there was a massacre of 9 members […]

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Remember When…

~~~   With the beginning of a new year there is always a little obsessing about diet and weight loss.  In addition, while we are looking to the promise of the future we often glance back at the past.  This photograph taken by Keiana Page titled ‘Remember When’ gives us something on which to ponder. […]

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