~~~ Sometimes, my mom would to sit me down Next to a stack of ironing She would go over language lessons while Pressing out imperfections and wrinkles This was my pre-school education Her gift of time A luxury she never had as a child She was the eldest of many So bright – so young […]

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My Shero

~~~ In February I wrote a blog about my parents, who created my foundation of love.  This month, I have decided to give my mom some spotlight.  I could save this for May but my mom or mommy as I still call her is my shero.  She is in large part the reason I am […]

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Bread Pudding Love

~~~ Bread pudding has arrived in high-style it’s the latest vogue fashion food. Dressed in a coconut shell covered with amaretto and white chocolate. Six years into the new millennium they line up in Atlanta for a taste.   Nobody had to tell my mama how to make gourmet bread pudding. She’s baked memories for […]

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