My Shero


In February I wrote a blog about my parents, who created my foundation of love.  This month, I have decided to give my mom some spotlight.  I could save this for May but my mom or mommy as I still call her is my shero.  She is in large part the reason I am the woman that I am today.  She is the first person who I knew that attended college, leaving her home and state to attend then Tuskegee College now Tuskegee University.

It is my mom who introduced me to the Cultural Arts and showed me that I should have no fears in discovering new places.  Together we explored the great metropolis of Chicago from far North to way South we journeyed on the weekends.  Seeing exotic animals at the zoo to Picasso in the Art Institute of Chicago to the Museum of Science and Industry as well as the Peace Museum.  We wove through the little odd shops of Old Town discovering book stores and magic shops.

My mom is still my shero and we still go wandering and discovering new places whenever we are able.  We both are older but just as curious as that little girl and young mom of yesterday.  And I still strive to be just like my mommy.


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