~~~ My regular Saturday post last week titled “Benevolence” was initially written with the purpose to highlight two charities that I give to throughout the year. However, the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, CT diverted the original intent of that post. This week I would like to highlight those charities and talk a little about […]

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A Poem: Winter Solstice

~~~ Winds swirling, whipping whirling throughout trees releasing their final Fall leaves. Hibernation taking place throughout natures spaces. Sleep comes now, letting God work, creating additional rings of growth on old oaks. Preparing bulbs buried deep for a long winters nap; be dormant, we shall see your beauty again in Spring. . by: Joyce M. […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

~~~ ~ There is so much in life that is delicate from the intangible like relationships and memories to the physical like snowflakes and blown glass.  However to me flowers always come to mind when I think of something delicate.  They can be associated with happiness or sorrow but they always hold a special place […]

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Daily Prompt: Dear Mom

~~~ Dear Mom: This is the second Christmas I will spend without you.  I am glad that before you died (it is till hard to say or type that word) we had simplified our Christmas tradition.  I don’t even remember last Christmas it is a haze.  Life without you has been tough.  I talked to […]

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