Daily Prompt: Dear Mom


Dear Mom:

This is the second Christmas I will spend without you.  I am glad that before you died (it is till hard to say or type that word) we had simplified our Christmas tradition.  I don’t even remember last Christmas it is a haze.  Life without you has been tough.  I talked to you almost every day, I just recently stopped picking up the phone to call you.

I am glad that we openly expressed our love for each other.  Our little ceremony of a kiss on each check and the forehead makes me smile.  I don’t cry as much as I did last year but I still get teary eyed, like now when I think of you.  I truly believe that love is energy and energy never fades, so then love lasts forever.  So you are not here in the physical but you are here in loves energy.

Thank you for coming to visit me in my dreams.  And I am glad that you and daddy are together again.  I have many people here on earth that keep an eye on me and Eric; still it is always nice to have an angel on my side.

With Infinite Love,


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