~~~ A recent local news story lead me to think about the consequences of our decisions, both good and bad. There was a tragic incident where a male teenager was arrested for felony DUI after his brother died in a car crash. I later learned from a person who knows the family well that the […]

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~~~ Growing up on the West Side of Chicago it wasn’t until college that I learned I lived in one of the lowest income neighborhoods. Regardless of this fact, I was raised to believe having a roof over my head, food in my stomach as well as clothing on my back meant wealth. Another ah-ha […]

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Fresh Up

~~~ In October PaisleyPerspective told you about Freshniz 3 presented by Izms of Art.  Freshniz is a way to bring you interesting people in a unique interview/talk show type format.  This coming Sunday you have a chance to be a part of Freshniz 4 – The Food Edition.  Freshniz is a way to bring creative […]

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~~~ My regular Saturday post last week titled “Benevolence” was initially written with the purpose to highlight two charities that I give to throughout the year. However, the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, CT diverted the original intent of that post. This week I would like to highlight those charities and talk a little about […]

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~~~ December is the time of year where many charities receive a large portion of their donations. We are all familiar with the red Salvation Army kettles where for years in my hometown of Chicago received a surprise gold coin donation. Businesses have local food drives to fill food bank shelves. Homeless shelters and church […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

~~~ ~ There is so much in life that is delicate from the intangible like relationships and memories to the physical like snowflakes and blown glass.  However to me flowers always come to mind when I think of something delicate.  They can be associated with happiness or sorrow but they always hold a special place […]

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