*Consequences-Bad & Good
*Consequences-Bad & Good

A recent local news story lead me to think about the consequences of our decisions, both good and bad. There was a tragic incident where a male teenager was arrested for felony DUI after his brother died in a car crash. I later learned from a person who knows the family well that the young man who died had a bright and happy personality. I don’t know what lead the older brother to decide to drive inebriated or the younger brother to get in the car, however, the consequence was death of a young person.  I can only speculate at the current and future anguish that is felt by the surviving brother and his family. A situation that could have been avoided may lead to even more poor decisions in the future, including more drinking or possibly other substance abuse. However, I hope that any guilt felt will lead to better and more responsible decision making.

Everything we do has consequences. Let me repeat that statement, EVERYTHING we do has consequences. Ironically we often don’t understand this when we are young, during a time when some choices can lead to a prosperous future. Investing and saving early in our 20’s and even younger can help us to have a good life in retirement. However we often think that we are young and there is plenty of time to invest. This is the case for buying property and other actions related to our future.

Something as simple as consistent exercise can help us to have a healthier future. Exercise doesn’t guarantee we will be disease free but it can reduce the probability of diseases related to obesity. There are multitudes of businesses built on the idea of quick and easy diets and weight loss. There is no magic pill, burning more calories than we consume is how we lose weight. Eat less and move more is the key.

One of my favorite movies is the now teen classic “The Breakfast Club”.  The movie centers around five teens required to serve Saturday detention. Though it may seem cliché the five main high school cliques are represented. There is the criminal, athlete, brain, basket case, and princess all in detention due to the circumstance of their actions. I will not give away the story for the youth of today and those living under a rock, who have not seen the movie. It is my belief like the book, “Everything I Need to Know I Learned In Kindergarten” implies, our core self is formed by the time we are five years old. However, we solidify this identity in our teen years and by the consequences of our actions.

Finally, it is easy to blame other people for our current circumstance, especially if we are in a low emotional place.  But most often where we are in life is due to decisions we made. I agree that there are other factors, such as luck or blessings. Still even these usually occur by our actions whether deciding to be in a particular place or kneeling and praying. Bottom line is if you are unhappy or seeking to change your situation understand the consequences that put you where you are and the consequences that will help change the situation.


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  1. Very good article! Sharing this with the young people in my life, especially my children! By the way my youngest loves The Breakfast Club.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments and for sharing. If you subscribe to PaisleyPerspective you will be notified of new post. Max post a week are two. Thanks again for your support.

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