From The Editor – Issue 1 Volume 1


Thoughts of starting a blog have rattled around my brain for about a year. However, it is only since a reduction in force and subsequent elimination of my position that it moved up in priority. So here I am writing my first ‘From The Editor’ blog in the same idea as a print magazine’s ‘Letter from the Editor’.

With a new year comes renewed hope in goals that were not completed in the prior year. Correcting mistakes made or the desire to wipe the slate clean comes when the calendar turns to January 1st. Hence the theme of the first edition of PaisleyPerspective blogs within this post surround the idea of ‘Renewal’.

PaisleyPerspective is a way of sharing opinions & ideas from any topic under the sun; where the goal is to have post from other contributors.  Bi-monthly posts that are set for the 1st & 16th of each month are intended to have a diverse voice. Even though the initial blogs are by women, there is a place for blog submissions from male perspective as well.

There is a blog about survival of a physical attack and hideous murder of a loved one.  And included within the same post is a message regarding making it through situations from unemployment to unexpectedly finding new love.  A poem with a unique homage to female authors and the power of woman is included.  A photograph to give you some visual interest and another with a yummy comfort food recipe.

I hope you enjoy theses inaugural blogs and that you will spread the word.  Life is filled with new challenges and opportunities.  We only live if we take the plunge into new and unknown territory.

Peace & Blessings

3 thoughts on “From The Editor – Issue 1 Volume 1

  1. Joyce,

    This is wonderful!! I am so happy to see that you are living your dream. I love the stories on this blog!


  2. Joyce very nice. My Uncle Alonzo lives in Columbia and is a retired professor from Voorhees. I sent him an invite to your FB page. He writes poetry and short stories. He may want to be someone you can connect with for your website. Let me know. Luv it. Janet

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